Defining Your Target Consumer

Last week, we talked about meeting a consumer's unmet need with your product or service. You may have been left wondering - who is this "consumer" person, and how do I reach him or her? Generally speaking, a consumer is someone who uses goods or services. What your business is most interested in is finding its target consumer - that group of people who is both interested in your product or service and willing to purchase it.

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Help Somebody

Happy Monday! This week, I offer a simple tip that many excited entrepreneurs forget: your product or service MUST help somebody...preferably a large group of somebodies. In other words, to be successful, your product or service must meet a consumer's unmet need. In other words: a person has a problem, and you have the means to fix it!

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What is Marketing?

Good morning entrepreneurs! Welcome to a new series called "Monday Marketing Moment." Each Monday, we will share simple, yet effective marketing tips, answer questions and provide general information on the topic of marketing. Our goal is to arm your small business with the knowledge it needs to succeed. We'll kick this series off with a simple question - What is Marketing?

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