How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd at an Exhibition

Participating in an exhibition is a great way to generate interest in your business and enhance its growth. While you are there, you want to use that time to make a lasting impression on prospective customers and generate valuable leads to follow up on. Here are some exhibition planning tips you can implement to make your business more noticeable than the others and have visitors eager to approach your stand.

Give Away Freebies

Promotional items or free gifts can be used to entice customers to your stand and can be used as an opening to pitch your products or services. Useful items, such as pens, lanyard holders and cups or mugs, are good examples of items you can give away. The people you encounter are likely use them later, which is why it is important to be sure that the items they take have your company’s logo and contact information on prominent display. Trial-sized samples of your product or coupons for your products or services should be included as well.

You may also want to consider providing complimentary drinks and food. Coffee and tea can be effective lures for tired visitors walking by your stand. Place a bowl of popular sweets near to your stand and where visitors can easily reach them.

Have an Exhibition Stand that Stands Out

You want to make sure that your exhibition stand is distinguishable from the other booths that surround it and that it is putting forth the best impression for your business. One way to achieve this is to have a stand designed specifically for your business. Hire the help of a company to develop customised exhibition stands that are in line with any style of branding that a business wants to display. Think about incorporating creative lighting and a lively colour scheme into your stand to make it visually pleasing and interesting to visitors.

Use Your Social Media Accounts

Being active on social media before and during your exhibition can help generate interest in your stand. You can use different platforms to spread the word about your presence at the exhibition show.  For example, you can use exhibition show’s hashtag on your Twitter account to make the event attendees aware of your company’s presence and to provide information any promotions or special offers you will have at the exhibition.

Perform a Demonstration

Depending on the nature of your business, demonstrating how your product or service works in real time is another way to make your business memorable. The demonstration does not have to be an elaborate production, although that can work as well. However, you should focus on making sure that your demonstration is not only interesting, but can also effectively highlight how your business and the product or service you provide can benefit the customer.

Use Some Form of Media

The effective use of technology at your exhibition stand can also draw in visitors. There can be series of well-produced videos on display providing information about your company.  A laptop could be used to enrol prospective customers in email lists or free or discounted trials for your products or services.

Attending an exhibition can be a substantial investment for your business, but it can net you many returns. The key to making the most of the experience is to carefully plan how you can connect effectively with potential customers. You can use the ideas provided to set your exhibition stand apart from the rest of the stands, attract visitors and generate interest in your products or services.

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  1. Events and Exhibitions are all about standing out and making an impact, bespoke exhibition stand, event sign or floor graphics is key standing out against your competitors.

  2. I think if you have the right pre-event marketing campaign – you’ll get a huge influx of visitors easily.

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