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Market Research Basics

Before you launch that new product or service, don’t forget to perform market research to make sure you will be filling one of your ideal customer’s unmet needs. From Defining Your Target Consumer, we know that this ideal customer, or target consumer, is someone who "is both interested in your product or service and willing to purchase it." Well, how do you find this person? Market research is the answer.

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3 Things Your Web Site Must Have

Having a web site can be one of the best ways to promote your business, if done correctly. This Monday Marketing Moment offers 3 things your web site must have in order to succeed. They are simple, yet often ignored tips that could mean the difference between closing a sale and losing business to a competitor.

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10 Tips for Marketing Offline

Social networking is now a way of life. I imagine that if you poll 10 random people, more than half will have a Facebook account, Twitter account or both. Small businesses have also jumped online, which is great. Social networking is all about building relationships and making connections. However, I've seen some entrepreneurs rely too much on the Internet for marketing. Yes, it's important, but don't forget to market your business offline, too. In today's Marketing Moment, I offer 10 ways you can marketing your business offline. Try some of these tips in between your latest RT or Facebook group status update:

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What is Marketing?

Good morning entrepreneurs! Welcome to a new series called "Monday Marketing Moment." Each Monday, we will share simple, yet effective marketing tips, answer questions and provide general information on the topic of marketing. Our goal is to arm your small business with the knowledge it needs to succeed. We'll kick this series off with a simple question - What is Marketing?

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