5 Ways to Educate Your Employees on Security Awareness

With the increasing threat of cybersecurity, organizations need to undertake regular security training and audits to remain secure. All employees, from the top-level senior management to entry-level teams, need to undergo regular security awareness training. According to the 2016 IBM Cost of Data Breach report, the average cost of an …

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The Future Of Smartphones

Smartphones have come a long way in the shortest timeframe. Who thought that VR and AR would have been day to day usable technologies in 2013? With this in mind, analysing the future of smartphones as a whole, especially with all these new major players’ investments in both software and …

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The Significance of the Virtual Private Network System

The VPN or the Virtual Private Network is a technology recently blooming to the IT circuits which enable the commercial firms to secure their internet function.  When it comes to working on a public network, you and your employees will always be vulnerable on the internet.  Therefore, it is now …

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