Will Digital Marketing Replace TV Advertising? No, and Here is Why

The television has ruled supreme for decades, as the hotspot for advertisement and entertainment. With such an unquestionable hold on households across the country and around the world, digital marketing could never replace TV advertising – not in the past, and not in the present. But why is this?

We can all agree on one thing: we love to sit around the television, waiting eagerly for our favourite programmes to come on! But we also have a thousand devices around the home, ripe with digital marketing opportunities. The world is changing, and the ways in which we interact with our world are changing too! Far more of us view the world through a phone screen, than in a living room. And, admittedly, the revenue that comes from TV advertising has seemingly plateaued in recent years; but, it has not dwindled.

Will Digital Marketing Replace TV Advertising? No, and Here is Why

Subscription video on demand is a source of boundless personal entertainment, however. There is one key issue here: on demand content lacks connection. The infinite nature of subscription streaming services means that, unlike households of the past, we don’t have to wait to view our favourite programmes. In that sense, we’ve lost some of the unity and togetherness that television provides. Connection is what makes advertising worthwhile!

We’re all nostalgic for a little television. TV advertising has always been one of the highlights of watching our favourite programmes, and customers have a keen eye for spotting catchy TV adverts that they know and love. As for digital marketing, customers might have very little recollection of what they have seen and what they haven’t: digital content moves so fast, and is always being tinkered with or edited, that customers might simply not have the attention span to spend on your brand or business, as they otherwise would whilst watching television. Like we said previously, connection is what makes advertising worthwhile.

What cannot be replaced about TV advertising isn’t only connection, it’s content. Digital adverts often are cut short before the ten second mark, and with the rise of ad-blocking software, there’s a high chance that whatever content you do produce will not be seen at all. TV advertising gives you a little more leeway, with adverts that are often 30 seconds to a minute, full of all the things that make your business so great. A well-designed advert displays the function and purpose of your business, but also your ethos and values. Customers don’t just want to know what they’re buying, they want to know who they’re buying from. The time that a TV dedicates to advertising is golden; make the most of these valuable moments to make your advert content-rich and quality-produced. There are some things that digital marketing just can’t replicate.  To make the most of both marketing formats, television and digital, you need an agency that knows it all best. Many top-rated companies invest in an AVOD advertising agency; AVOD meaning ad-supported video on demand. It can be hard to manage the advertisement of your brand alone, whilst juggling the running of a business. So, let an agency take over. Extend your business across the web, but most of all, our television screens. A business amasses great longevity when it is seen, heard and appreciated! TV advertising accomplishes all of this, and more.

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