A Quick Guide to Help Businesses Identify Scams and Cyber Threats

When it comes to the successful running of a company, business owners have many aspects to consider. From the running of day-to-day working life at the premises to the safety and security of its employees – many elements must be considered for a business to live up to its full potential. However, one essential aspect of a business is the safety and security of all its employees, plus the protection of the company itself and protecting sensitive information from scams and cyber threats. 

Various options are available for business owners in this regard, from outsourcing IT support in Birmingham or surrounding areas to safeguarding software. Nevertheless, for business owners to optimise their cybersecurity, they must first identify the different scams and threats they might encounter and know what preventative measures could be put into place to reduce the risk of being targeted. So, we’ve created this quick guide to help businesses identify scams and cyber threats, make them more recognisable, and mitigate any risks associated with them.

A Quick Guide to Help Businesses Identify Scams and Cyber Threats
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One common threat to cyber business security is malicious software, otherwise known as Malware, which scammers develop with the intent of stealing data or causing damage to computers or computer systems. Some common examples of malicious software include viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware and worms. All of which can be prevented by using antivirus software, keeping your computer or software updated, being mindful about which email attachments you download and exercising caution around pop-up windows asking you to download or purchase any software. Supposing that you don’t have one already, you could seek further advice from business IT support in Birmingham or surrounding areas and consider the services of companies such as Geek-Guru. They provide a range of IT services ranging from security to consultancy tailored to your business’s needs. 

Phishing Attacks

One of the most common cyber threats targeting businesses is phishing attacks. Typically these attacks involve scammers sending out links via email to malicious websites or requesting personal information, such as bank details etc., in hopes that sensitive information will be leaked. Receiving a phishing attack is inevitable, and nothing can be done to erase the threat; instead, you can protect your business by implementing an email filtering service so that potential hazards are sieved into ‘junk’ and ‘spam’ folders and minimising the amount of unnecessary online information about your business so that phishing attempts are less convincing. 

Internal Errors

Nowadays, businesses don’t just have to worry about scammers; they also have to be wary of the employees in charge of their data, as proved by a recent survey which discovered that employees pose an even bigger risk to data security than external threats. Whether intentionally or not, staff members are one of the most significant risks for security breaches during daily working life because mistakes can easily be made, and sensitive content can be exposed to the wrong audience. Ranging from something as simple as sending an email to the wrong recipient or more worrying threats like negligent employees failing to follow relevant security protocols, businesses must regularly assess and enforce security measures so that internal errors are minimised, and business data is kept safe.

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