Give Your Data The Protections That It Needs

Any business that makes good use of data, whether it’s to track customer behaviors, make more insightful decisions, or run more efficiently, will know how important that it is. However, it’s not just about how you use it. How you take care of it matters, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of the investments and decisions you can make to ensure your data is better protected.

Give Your Data The Protections That It Needs
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Make sure that it’s managed

First of all, data is going to be a lot easier to handle, search through, and make use of if it is effectively managed. Business data management is a service that a lot more business owners should be making use of. A data management team can make sure that you have the right storage options for the data that you keep and help you figure out the best ways to back it up, as well as create a crisis plan if there is a breach or data loss.

Don’t keep it all at the source

You should make sure that you’re not keeping it where you source it from. This might be from analytics tools, your e-commerce platform, customer relationship management software, or otherwise. One of the benefits of big data integrations like Shopify to Bigquery integrations is that they make sure you don’t keep your data only at the source. For software that’s out of your control, you can’t be sure if some issue won’t wipe your data at some point in the future, so storing it yourself can help avoid that.

Invest in security for it

Of course, making sure that your information is kept in the right place is only the beginning. Next, you need to make sure that no one gets to it without your permission. The use of security providers like Endpoint Protector can help you make sure that you have the right tools in place to protect it, such as encryption to prevent it from being “leaked” from a connection, firewalls, anti-malware, and more. The more valuable your data is to your business and the more it would cost to lose it, the more you should be willing to invest in security.

Watch who connects to it and how

It’s not just about the tech that you use to protect it, either. It’s also about your team and whether or not they’re leaving breaches that criminal minds could exploit to access it. Employee data security training is a vital part of making sure that your data is safe. It makes sure they’re aware of the most frequent risks, from using unsecured connections to access company information to falling for phishing scams that attempt to get their login details. If your team isn’t part of your security plan, they are your weak link, it’s that simple.

Ensure that your data is stored effectively, secured, and organized. If you lose it or, even worse, it gets stolen, then your business can pay quite the large cost. Few small to medium businesses recover from a breach.

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