How To Use Technology Within Employee Training

How To Use Technology Within Employee Training
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Using technology, it’s possible to make training a lot less time-consuming for companies. Technology can also be used to provide more thorough training and may even allow training to be carried out remotely. Below are just some of the different ways to use technology within employee training.

Learning management systems

Learning management systems are a popular form of eLearning that allow employees to learn through a platform such as a website or an app. Quizzes, videos and games can be integrated into them in order to make them more interactive and fun. Progress can also be recorded, so you can check that employees are doing all their training. 

An LMS shouldn’t be used as a substitute for in-person training, how it can be a useful way of complimenting in-person training. There are companies that can develop a custom LMS for you. There are also LMS builders that allow you to create your own training programs. 

Digital handbooks

When employees need to refresh their memory on certain information, it can be useful to have a handbook that employees can access. This prevents the need to constantly seek help from other colleagues. By making a handbook digital, you can make it accessible from any location and any device.

This could be a handbook saved as a document on the cloud or it could be an app. Digital handbooks are not a replacement for initial training. Employees still need to be trained how to do tasks first through interactive exercises – a handbook should serve to simply refresh people’s memory. 

Video call employee training

When it comes to training remote employees, it may be possible to train employees via video call. This can reduce the need for employees to travel to seek out training, allowing you to more easily hire and train up employees from around the world. 

Presentations and demos can be given via video call. You can even train multiple remote employees at once.

Employee monitoring software

It’s also possible to train remotely using employee monitoring software. Such software can allow you to see what your employee is doing on their computer screen, allowing you to guide them when it comes to doing certain tasks. 

You could communicate via instant message or by voice call. You could even combine employee monitoring software with video call training.

Recording phone calls

Many companies record phone calls made between employees and customers. This can be done as a way of recording legal evidence of a phone conversation, however it can also be done as a way of recording interactions for training purposes. When training employees how to deal with certain customers on the phone, it can be useful to have real life examples of conversations to work with.

Some phone systems come with in-built ability to record phone calls. Alternatively, you can download programs to use. It’s important that you warn all individuals in advance that you are recording the phone call – recording a phone call without telling customers is illegal and could get you sued if the truth gets out. 

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