Small Business Tips

7 Cheap Perks that Attract New Hires

By investing in the quality of your business’s employees, you can ensure future success. Many business owners don’t realize that by not offering perks, they won’t attract top talent to their business. In fact, 57 percent of candidates say that they consider perks prior to accepting a job offer. Due …

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Obscure Jobs That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Ear protection is always a great way to save your hearing when holding occupations like working in a noisy factory or on the tarmac of an airport. However, did you know there are obscure occupations where hearing protection is also valuable? We are going to explore these occupations and the …

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How to Become a Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants can work in a variety of areas. They may advise businesses on ways to improve operations, meet regulatory requirements or implement new technologies. Employment for healthcare consultants is growing twice as fast as the population as a whole, so this is a good career choice. Here are a …

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