Small Business Tips

Would Unlimited Holidays Motivate You at Work?

A business can’t run without employees, and employees can’t work well in a negative environment. Satisfied employees are more likely to give their utmost effort to the company, as they will reflect the same sense of caring back to a company that cares for them. Plus, unhappy employees are more …

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What Impact Do Open Plan Offices Have On Employees?

Open plan offices are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than traditional office spaces. An open plan office space also allows visiting clients to see everyone working together in the same space, which can be beneficial. However, employers should consider that open plan offices can actually have a detrimental effect on …

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Could You Run Your Business Remotely?

The internet has opened up the opportunity to run a successful business entirely online. This enables business owners to break away from the usual 9-5 hours by working your business remotely, away from the office environment. As long as you have adequate WiFi connection you can work from anywhere in …

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