What To Do When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love With Your Business

Have you fallen out of love with your business? Whether running a business isn’t quite what you expected, you’re out of the honeymoon phase, or you’re tired and stressed out, it’s natural to have phases where you don’t love running a business. You could work to fall in love again or think about selling up. Here are some tips to help you. 

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Get Some Distance

Sometimes it hard’s to take a break as a business owner. However, this is often exactly what you need to get a clearer perspective on the situation. Take some time off to do something fun or try something different or creative. This will let you come back refreshed to the problem with new eyes and more positivity towards solving it. 

Remember Your Vision

When things get hard in a family, people stick together and work towards what is needed for the family. You have a clear goal in mind, which is to love and raise happy and healthy children, and you need to feel the same way about your business, especially if you have a co-founder. You can’t build a business without being united and being aligned on the same cause. If you’re struggling, keep that vision in mind and always return to it. 

Get Back To Doing What You Love

A lot of downs for business founders happen at times when they have wandered away from their main path. Make they are not making or selling products that wouldn’t buy themselves and don’t have a real passion for, or have become bogged down in small decisions, like choosing custom containers. Making money alone is never the right reason to run a business if you want to be happy. Aiming for this can make you feel as though you have lost your creative edge or as though you’re just going through the motions. The way to fix this can be simple. You need to reset. Get rid of the parts of the business that feel alien to you and you will soon be able to find your interest in it again. 

Find Out What’s Bothering You

To work out what the problem is and why you’re falling out of love, you can carry out an exercise that treats your business as though it were your body. Imagine different parts of the business, so you can work out what’s wrong and what isn’t appealing to you about your business. Break your business down into ‘body parts:

  • Your persona, personality, and reputation is your brand
  • Your appearance is your brand identity
  • Your head is your company strategy
  • Your tone of voice is what your company says and how it says it
  • Your heart is your business’ core values, purpose and brand mission
  • Your nervous system and muscles are logistics and power
  • Your backbone is your business foundations
  • Your gut is your business intuition
  • Your feet are your tactics
  • Your arms and legs are your marketing, communication, and outreach
  • The food you eat is your sales
  • Your skeleton is the structure of your organization
  • Your lugs are your cash and financial control
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