Morning Has Broken, But Are Your Employees Glad To Be At Work?

With each new work day comes new business opportunities. As an entrepreneur doing the thing that you love, this may well mean that you step into the office with a smile each morning.

But, can you say the same for your team?

56% of workers dread heading to work in the morning. And, if your team members are waking up with a resounding feeling of ‘not again’, then it’s hardly surprising if company culture, and business results, suffer. 

While you’re not entirely responsible for your employee’s outlooks toward their day jobs, there are steps you can take to make mornings more appealing for everyone. And, we’re going to consider them here. 

Morning Has Broken, But Are Your Employees Glad To Be At Work?
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Step 1: Create an appealing workspace

No one will look forward to coming to work in a rundown office block with basic supplies and a constant water leak. Even if your employees love their jobs, this just isn’t the place for productivity! 

Instead, making mornings feel brighter means creating an appealing workspace that your team enjoys returning to. On a basic level, things like designated parking spaces can help here. Equally, perfecting business exteriors with simple additions like kept gardens and a commercial pressure washing service can keep things looking bright and attractive from the moment your employees pull in. Inside your office, touches like houseplants and inspiring quotes can go a surprisingly long way. Equally, spacious and bright office layouts can make your office feel far more welcoming in the mornings, and throughout the rest of the day. 

Step 2: Make sure employees are rested

No employee will arrive with a smile if they’ve been up half the night answering emails and trying to close a big deal.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to overcome this issue – make sure that employees never need to take work home with them! Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s not an impossible goal. Focuses like proper delegation and organized in-office time management should mean that you can all get through that daily to-do list, and be home for much-needed downtime by the time it’s dark. 

Step 3: Embrace slower starts 

If employees set foot in the office and face a bombardment of demands, it’s no surprise they want to slip right back into bed the second they see you. This immediate overload will leave employees feeling paralyzed, and potentially less productive.

Instead, slow mornings where you keep your office cozy and calm could be a much more appealing prospect for everyone. That’s not to say that you should have everyone slacking off for the first hour, but simple things, like arranging a chilled morning meeting for that first hour, or even just catching up with everyone over coffee, can make for a more appealing morning, and an office filled with people in a much better mindset moving into the day. 

Work mornings are often difficult, and sometimes, your employees won’t be in their best heads when they first arrive. But, when you put these tips into place, you can ensure that’s the exception, rather than the rule for your workplace. 

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