5 Ways to Keep Your Office Cozy

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Employees are more productive in an environment where they are comfortable and at ease. This all comes down to the design of your office building and its decor. Below are just some of the ways in which you can make your office more cozy to motivate employees.

Invest in comfortable furniture

The furniture in your office will have the biggest impact on your employees’ comfort. When it comes to choosing desk chairs, don’t skimp on cheap non-adjustable options. Splash out on ergonomic office chairs instead that are fully adjustable to fit the dimensions of each person. You can also buy height adjustable desks. Of course, desks don’t have to be the only work solution. More employees are now working from laptops, which can be used on one’s lap. This has led to an increase in lounge areas with couches and armchairs where employees can truly relax while they work. 

Make sure HVAC is efficient

The next thing to consider is the temperature and air quality in your office. This is likely to be greatly affected by the quality of your office’s heating and cooling system. Many modern offices use HVAC systems that are unsuitable for the building. In open plan offices for example, underfloor air distribution is often more effective than an overhead system. Other HVAC systems are simply old – these system can periodically break, take longer to heat up/cool down and often be full of dust and bacteria that affects air quality. Decide whether it’s time to replace your entire HVAC system. Switching to a smart HVAC system if you don’t already have one could also be a good move, giving you more control over HVAC settings. 

Use warm lighting

Some offices are very gloomy. Others use overly harsh lighting. Finding a balance is important for creating an inviting atmosphere. Try to focus on introducing more warm lighting to your office through ambient wall lights and desk lamps. Letting in more natural light can also help to add warmth. Make sure that shutters/blinds aren’t constantly closed.

Add a splash of color

Offices that don’t contain much color can feel cold and sterile. If everything in your office is white and gray, consider whether it’s worth adding some splashes of other colors to the walls and furniture. Blue is known for being very calming, while green can inspire creativity. Yellow creates a sense of warmth, and red meanwhile energizes people. Using colors in the right areas is therefore key. You can also consider using colors that reflect your brand. This can help to bring color to your office while also helping you to maintain a sense of brand consistency. 

Introduce some office plantsPlants have a psychologically calming effect. They’re also natural air purifiers. This makes them a great addition to an office – providing that you remember to water them. Small plants like succulents are great for adding to desks and coffee tables, while large potted plants can be placed in the corners of rooms to spruce them up. Check out this guide to some of the best office plants.

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