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Do You Really Need A Logo?

Pexels. CCO Licensed. When building a business, a logo may seem like a pretty inconsequential feature. Customers buy a product because of the product, not the logo – right? Yes and no. A logo alone is not enough to sell a product, unless you’re already a well established brand like …

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The Extensive Capacity of Oilfield Support Services

There is no question that the oilfield industry today is fundamentally married to oilfield support services. Rigs and oil harvesting production simply wouldn’t be able to reach the scale that it has efficiently without the current market arrangements of specialization applied through third-party support. Both oil and gas market production, …

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Tips To Get The Most From Your Employees Working Remotely

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels: Thanks to the pandemic in 2020, more businesses than ever realized how simple and easy it was for employees to work from home instead of in the office. Companies that previously felt it was impossible for employees to be away from shared premises …

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Rethinking Business: Why Entrepreneurs Must Adapt To A Changing World

Entrepreneurship in today’s rapidly-evolving landscape can be dauntingly complex. Traditional business models that once guaranteed success are now being altered by technological innovations, consumer behavior shifts, and global economic shifts – making entrepreneurship ever-more challenging than before. In order to thrive in such an unpredictable environment, entrepreneurs must adopt an …

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