Small Business Tips

Our Guide to Hosting an Eco-Friendly Corporate Event

Universally, across a wide range of industries, there is a monumental effort to improve the sustainability of the world’s health. Noticeable things such as ice caps melting, islands full of plastic waste and towns and cities where thriving rainforests once grew are telltale signs that we are insidiously ruining the …

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A Guide: Why Are Coffee Shops on the Rise?

The coffee shop industry is booming — but not just because of the well-known coffee chains you see on your way to work every day. According to recent reports, the UK’s independent coffee shops and smaller chains are enjoying high sales, and overall, the UK is number one in Europe …

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How to Save Energy in Long Island

Long Island is located in the Southeast of New York City, less than one mile off Manhattan.  Around 7.5 million people call the 1,401 square miles island home, making it the most densely populated in the US, ahead of some countries like Ireland and Jamaica. Each household averages 755 kWh …

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