Simple Touches To Improve Your Employees’ Office Life

Simple Touches To Improve Your Employees' Office Life
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When it comes to boosting office livability, you don’t necessarily need to undertake major investments or renovations! There are simple, affordable changes that can make a huge difference and create the best environment possible for your employees to cultivate productivity and creativity. 

From adding plants and natural elements to upgrading your tea and coffee offer and creating creative spaces for relaxation and productivity, there are endless alternatives to improve your office’s livability and encourage your team to give their best. Let’s see how below. 

Add Greenery and Decorate With Natural Elements 

If you are still in the process of selecting the right decor for your office, look no further than plants and natural elements. This option offers a wealth of benefits, from helping to purify the air to reducing stress and clutter and beautifying the space. Plus, you can choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or snake plants, which won’t require you to develop green fingers to have a nice-looking office all year round! 

Simple changes like these can transform a sterile environment into a welcoming space where your employees can feel relaxed and looked after while dedicating time to their daily tasks. 

Upgrade the Coffee Bar and Provide Herbal Teas

Did you know that the majority of employees deem their office’s coffee choices poor and prefer to order their morning brew somewhere else? This habit can become expensive – especially when the coffee in question is offered from Starbucks or other major chains – and can cause your team to miss out on productivity due to frequent breaks. 

You can solve these problems and provide a financial advantage to your employees by investing in a premium coffee service. This option allows you to offer high-quality coffee and a variety of blends and brewing methods, so that your employees can enjoy their favorite drinks right at the office. 

For those who prefer teas and herbal infusions to coffee, be sure to provide a selection of options – including valerian root, lemon balm, and chamomile for relaxation and green tea and ginseng for energy and focus. 

Create Active Break Zones

As we very well know, sedentary work habits are detrimental to health. But it can be hard to encourage your employees who need to work at a desk to become more active. You can improve their life at the office by establishing active break zones. These are areas where your employees can stretch when taking their breaks, enjoy yoga asanas, and even take a walk around to boost circulation. You can also take this initiative to the next level by installing standing desks, yoga mats, and resistance bands, and working with a yoga instructor to provide lessons once or twice a week. 

Design Outdoor Spaces For Relaxation and Creativity

Outdoor areas offer a refreshing change of scenery – and studies have even looked that they can improve concentration, focus, and wellbeing! Even if you have a small terrace or shared garden for your office, get started by setting up seating and tables, including shaded areas for comfort during warmer months, and a well-crafted design. These spaces are perfect for lunch breaks, informal meetings, different workstations, or simply unwinding.

If you are unsure how to get started, take a look around your office and identify the areas that could benefit from a makeover – or just ask your employees what they’d like to see around the office space!

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