8 Unique Advertising Ideas That Are Perfect For Local Businesses

unique-advertising-ideaNo one wants to be the last one to the party.  And no decent marketer wants to use old, tired ideas to promote their products.  You want to associate your brand with cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute trends – not yesterday’s news.  But the only way to be on the cutting-edge is to think outside the box.  If you’re familiar with an idea, that means it’s already seeped its way into the culture, and that means it’s already outdated.  You have to try new things, and if you’re smart, those new things won’t break the bank.  Throwing money at advertising is good for only one thing: getting rid of your hard earned dollar.  Be resourceful.  Go for the most attention for the least amount of money.

Here are 8 innovative, low-cost ideas to get you started:


1) Virtual Showroom:  How do you show off a product and walk through its functions and capabilities when your customer could be anywhere in the world?  Easy, turn a website into a virtual showroom.  Talk with your clients on the phone, tell them what your website address is, and walk them through the site.  It’s almost as good as being there in person.  The best part is, you can structure your site to show whatever features you want, in whatever order you want.  And if the client has specific needs – you can make it easy to jump to any focused piece of the puzzle.


2)  Hand Stamps:  Almost every ticketed venue has a hand stamp of some kind to allow for re-entry.  Instead of using some random picture or number, what if you bought advertising space – on every hand in the joint?  Your stamped logo could be used in whatever venue hits your target demographic.  The best part is, your brand will become associated with the fun night the customer is experiencing!  And whenever they look down at their hand, they’ll have a reminder of who helped them experience it.


3) Self-Publish:  If you want to be perceived as an authority in any given field, you can’t do better than publishing a book on the subject. Amazon Kindle is a great place for this.  You don’t even need to sell any copies.  As long as you write an authoritative, well-researched book, you can give them out to potential clients – and whatever they learn about your field, they’ll always know they learned it from you.  Knowledge passed on creates loyalty you can’t buy.  You’ve given something invaluable – and they’ll want to give back in return.


4) Aerial Advertising: How about getting your business offer flying through the skies of Miami? That’s what Miami Aerial Advertising offers. Host of world-class events and busy beaches, big brands like AAA and American Express have been doing this kind of advertising for ages.


5) Nighttime Projection:  Do you have a Bat-signal – for your business?  You could!  By purchasing a logo projector and arranging it with a building owner and the owner adjacent, you could project your company logo bright at night in a heavily trafficked area of your city. This is exactly what Air France did this year.  Look, up in the sky!  It’s your company gaining brand recognition!


6) Word-of-Mouth:  The most valuable marketing in the world is word-of-mouth marketing.  But you can’t buy word-of-mouth marketing, right?  Well…maybe you can.  Hire a secret marketer, someone who blends into a coffee shop or bus stop, and have them strike up conversations with strangers.  Let them namedrop you in the flow of the conversation.  Plant a seed.  It just might take root.


7) Doorknob-Hangers:  Some methods are just tried and true.  Like the doorknob hanger.  Before you open the door to your house or business, you can’t help but notice a colorful image hanging off of it.  And before you even think of discarding it, you’ll have to take a quick peek at what it’s offering.  This is your chance.  Strike while the iron is hot.  Offer something incredible, something that makes them do a double-take.  They’ll be sure to hang on to that hanger and give you business once they need your services.


8) Flyers Under Windshield Wipers:  Similar to the doorknob approach, windshield wiper flyers are tried and true.  But you have a captive audience – whoever finds that flyer will have to take it off of their windshield before getting back into their car.  Make this moment count.  Just like the doorknob hanger, offer something that grabs their attention and doesn’t let go.  Next thing you know, they’ll be driving directly to your place of business.

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  1. I like that you said that hand stamps can be a good advertising idea because your stamped logo could be used in whatever venue hits your target demographic. I think that it would also be smart to look into stickers that you could customize for your business too because I think that would also help get the word out since you could give them to people and they could put them on water bottles and cars and everything. I also think it would be good because a vinyl sticker could probably show off your business’s personality a little more than a stamp.

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