4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs an App

You might think that having a mobile app is for big businesses with a lot of customers to take advantage of it, but entrepreneurs now have the ability to create apps. Here are 4 reasons why your small business needs an app.

It’s Simple

It might seem like a complex luxury to invest in, but mobile app development has never been easier. You can either look for a company that deals with apps for small businesses or find a freelancer, this way you can keep the costs to a minimum and thoroughly discuss what you want from the app before you commit to the purchase.

It also makes browsing your goods or services much easier for customers, as apps are naturally displayed better for mobile devices. If they already have the app, it narrows their search parameters down and makes you the first choice.

Brand Visibility

Everyone has their phone an arm’s reach away at all times and having an app keeps your services a tap away from being used. It also helps potential customers think of you subconsciously, when they don’t need your particular services, they will see your app daily as they browse their phone, making you a go-to choice when required and offering constant brand recognition.


Your competitors are always going to be trying to undercut you whether it’s through price, service or ease of use. Offering an app for customers shows you’re a professional service that takes its trade seriously, to the point where you provide an app for everyone to use.

Your competitors will have a similar mindset to yourself, they will think to have an app sounds expensive and unnecessary. This will really help you stand out in comparison and both your customers and competitors will assume your success due to offering this new platform.

Improves Your Services

Offering an app to your customers will significantly improve the service you offer them. Having an app is proven to enhance customer engagement and the relationship between the consumer and business. The app can be used to answer any FAQ’s, and there can be live forums available to help with communication and increase the speed of use.

It’s important not to convolute the business and make processes sound or look more difficult than they truly are. Apps can cleverly display or be made simple and have the same outcome, and the key is to get the basics right first to keep customers happy and engaged with the app and more importantly your business.

Natalie Wilson

Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer for many different business publications. With a range of knowledge in the business and insurance sector, she is an avid researcher and writer in the field. Having worked with a number of different businesses and currently working with business app developers in London, Natalie is now a freelance writer looking to specialise in the topic.
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