10 Tips for Increasing Brand Recognition and Loyalty to Beat Competitors

Make a reliable product:

The consumer is driven by emotion when choosing a product. Logic has hardly got anything to do when our ‘heart’ is into a product. You need to make the consumer believe that their emotions justify the purchase. When the product lands on their doorstep, its quality should speak for itself.

You can ensure good quality of products by putting them through a rigorous testing process. Ask the audience what they expect from your company.

Don’t be the company that spends hours on research and comes up with a product that does not impress customers even the slightest.

The minimum viable product (MVP) methodology is good to begin your product specification. You can hit the market, test out the level of viability of your product and interview customers if they liked your product or not. The brand that works according to customer needs is more popular.

More contests:

The customer loves to win prizes. You should choose a strategy that allows you to have more contests and increase the buzz about the contests on social media. Almost 70 percent of companies are introducing contests and quizzes to increase user engagement with the brands. Since 2015, we have seen the trend of contests grow more popular.

You don’t have to give away your most expensive product for free. Be creative about the contests. You can offer a 10 percent discount on products or get more signups by asking people to subscribe to an email newsletter. Here are more tips to urge customers to sign up for an email newsletter.

Digital influencers:

The rise of influencer marketing has got everything to do with your brand. Influencers are deemed more reliable when endorsing a product. These non-celebrity bloggers talk about the things they are passionate about, in their niche. Your job is to find out influencers within your niche and make them collaborate with you.

For example, Birchbox collaborated with a popular lifestyle blogger Emily Schumann to promote their May box. The campaign earned 550,000 customers in return. It is always a good idea to put your money with people who have the most impact on your target audience.

Start a blog:

An organic way of making your target audience love you is through blogging. People love reading medium-length blog posts that spark their interest in certain topics.

You can spot yourself as an expert and opinion leader in the market by starting a weekly ‘blog show’ or podcast. Talk about the most popular topics related to your brand and make people love your business by providing free tips.

Synonymous projection:

Keep your logo, color themes and fonts similar on each platform you touch. This has a major impact on customer’s opinion of your brand. The tip seems very obvious, but many brands overlook that. If your competitor is not following this rule, it is perfect time to be a step ahead in winning more brand loyalty.

Here are some places where your brand logo and design should be the same:

This synonymity in your brand projection will show you as a reliable entity in your niche.

Mobile optimization:

The Gen Y and the Millenial customer is browsing the internet through mobile phones. If your site is not ready for mobile, you are losing a lot of customers. 36 percent customers between the ages 25-34 use their mobile phones for most of the internet communication. If your site is ready to be in their use, you will have a competitive edge in the market.

Use this fact in your favor. Create campaigns that use mobile phones in a unique way to get more leads. For example, Hershey’s teamed up with AT&T to give free mobile airtime and chocolate coupons to users to viewed an ad on their phones.

Social responsibility:

Social responsibility is not a buzzword anymore. Customers will demand an explanation from you if they care about the environment and other safety conditions. A surprising fact by Pew Research Center unveils that today’s generation might not conform to a religion, but they are vigilant about social responsibility.

You can become a leader in your field by following social responsibility as a business plan. Millennials will support your business loyally if you are engaging in more CSR activities or actively donating the proceeds to a trusted charity. It also brings your brand in the positive spotlight.


Never lie to your customers. If you lie to one customer, consider it as the demise of your brand. Consider the world we live in today. It is increasingly digital, and word spreads fast. One false move based on lies and your business can pay the price.

Be transparent about your brand and help your customers through honesty. If your product is not for the lead, be honest and guide them to a better match in your store. Pat Flynn discovered that many opinion leaders were not truthful about their own business, so he started his correct income reports. Today, these reports bring the most traffic to his site, and loyal customers swear by his tips and tricks.

Customer service:

Bad customer service is like rotten milk. You can never undo the damage. As a brand, you should keep the customer service excellence to become more likable to the customers. Most of the people who dial up the customer service number are either confused or angry. Train your reps to entertain all queries with a calm demeanor so that the customer hangs up a happy person.

Don’t become the brand that listens to all but does nothing. Take action, follow customer advice and fix your flaws. Remember, there are plenty of small business sales software that can help you out.

Prepare for the worst:

No business entity is secure from a backlash. While this is a nightmare that must not fall on your business, it is also essential to prepare for the worst. When you gain a level of recognition within the community, it is possible that the opposition will try to defame you through bad PR tactics.

If that ever happens, do not feel bad and don’t go quietly. This is where your loyal customer base has to rise and save the day. Embrace the authenticity of your brand, never indulge in a counterattack using the same cheap tactics and leave the rest to your loyal customers.

Alma Causey

Alma Causey is a freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.
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