Useful Reasons Apps Are A Crucial Tool For Businesses Big & Small

Studies have revealed that 62% of all businesses asked, either already have an app or are in the process of building one. Of that 62%, 20% use their apps for marketing, 30% have ecommerce apps, and 50% use them for support and engagement.

Each day, the average person spends 174 minutes on their mobile devices, with 30% of all online purchases being made via these devices. These statistics are not only vital for determining whether creating a business app is worthwhile, but also for establishing the ways in which other company’s apps can be beneficial to businesses.

Apps are no longer considered purely to be an entertainment resource. Each year an increasing number of businesses begin professionally utilizing apps. This is partially because entrepreneurs are becoming wise to the marketing power that a well-designed app can offer.

It’s clear that apps have a lot to offer businesses, however, what isn’t clear is what exactly makes them such a useful resource. Let’s take a moment to consider the reasons why apps are a crucial tool for businesses, and what benefits they offer.



More flexible, mobile approach

  • Apps allow businesses to offer their customers a more flexible, mobile approach. This means that companies with a mobile app are able to better cater to their customer’s needs. For example, mobile apps make communication easier and quicker. They also make it easier to purchase a product or service while on the go on a mobile device.
  • Studies show that 85% of people prefer to use their smart devices to get online, not their PCs or laptops. This means that for the most part, consumers will view a business’s website via a smart device, which is what makes having an app crucial.


Mobile marketing is highly effective

  • In the most basic form, mobile marketing means communicating with consumers via a mobile device. This could be in message form, an advert, or a video – it doesn’t matter which, mobile marketing (in any form) is a highly effective marketing method and apps are crucial for this method.
  • The most popular forms of mobile marketing include programmatic ad buying, PPC, and SEO, among other methods. These options wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective without the use of mobile apps, especially as they make geo-targeting more effective.


Apps are a learning hub

  • The business industry is highly competitive, which is why entrepreneurs are encouraged to learn at every opportunity possible.
  • The digital world is quickly advancing, with new software and programs being launched every day. It’s for this reason that business owners are keen to constantly learn, and apps offer the perfect environment for that – there are a wide range of educational apps that are made to fit business owners perfectly, aiding learning and making the process quicker and more effective.

From improving a business’s marketing options to making the process of targeting consumers easier and more effective, apps are vital for a range of reasons. For businesses big and small, apps are a resource that can be highly beneficial, and for many, would be impossible to function effectively without.

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