Gear Up for the Next Meeting with These 5 Apps

Attending meetings is stressful, let’s face it. Especially when you need to pitch an idea, to win over a client or to brainstorm and to come up with a solution. Of course, it often happens that something goes wrong or you experience some technical issues.

However, there are simple tricks to avoid all these inconveniences. One such trick is to take advantage of mobile technology and handle the meetings like a pro. Here are the apps you should consider next time you go on a meeting.



This productivity app keeps all the main points of your speech. During the meeting, these guidelines will serve you as a reminder of what you should cover in your speech or a presentation. The fonts are large enough, so you can read them from a standing position.

When you’ll need it

When you need to prepare a killer presentation that will wow your clients, boss or coworkers. As you know, good preparations are one of the preconditions for a successful presentation. With this app, you’ll organize your speech well and cover all important points. As a result, you’ll be more self-confident and your presentation will go smoothly and flawlessly.

Download TalkingPoints on iOS



This scheduling app makes meeting organizing a breeze. In just a few taps, you’ll quickly schedule a meeting, no matter how many people are included. Simply, propose a number of times and invite your co-workers to choose their preferences. The best part is that you don’t need the app or an account to take part.

When you’ll need it

When you want to schedule a meeting rapidly and efficiently, without the email ping-pong. Save your time and nerves. In that way, you’ll have more time and concentration to devote to more important things, such as meeting preps.

Download Doodle on iOS or Android


Azeus Convene

This is an original board meeting app for remote or face-to-face collaboration. It enables participants to share, talk over and work on a different document right away. There are many great features to run or assist a meeting effectively, such as practical agenda and presenter controls that will make document navigation easier.

When you’ll need it

In case you need to discuss some things and make significant decisions on board meeting given that Azeus Convene offers a voting option. Also, it’s pretty convenient when you have plenty of paperwork to cover and to distribute to your colleagues.

Download Azeus Convene on iOS and Android


GoToMeeting App

This business app lets you meet anywhere you want, using your mobile device. With just one tap start or join the meeting. It’s like an improved regular meeting because it’s possible to see the presenter’s screen, whether they’re sharing presentations, spreadsheets or design mockups.

When you’ll need it

Perfect for the remote team communication and collaboration. Likewise, it’s very handy when it comes to urgent meetings if other offices are taken or crowded. Plus, a nice way to stay in touch with your team while traveling.

Download GoToMeeting on iOS and Android


PDF to Word Converter

This document management app will help you handle your PDFs during the meetings. Practically, it converts PDF documents into editable MS Word files. Also, it’s possible to convert documents from Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and other services. But, above all, this converter app offers first-rate quality conversion and recognition.

When you’ll need it

Anytime you need to quickly make some changes on your documents and update them. Nowadays, PDF file format is frequently used because of its unchangeable characteristics, so you need a tool to make your documents editable. It will make you look professional and ready for unexpected modifications.

Download PDF to Word Converter on iOS and Android

Are you familiar with other useful meeting apps? Please, share them with us in the comments.

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