The Top 7 Landing Page Builders: How Do They Stack Up?

In the process of strategizing your digital marketing, it’s essential for you always to make use of the relevant resources capable of building a productive and robust landing page. However, if you are skeptical of how to go about with the process or aren’t a coding expert, then how do you identify a professional among the numerous landing page builders in the big wide world?

No pressure there! We’ve got you covered. Developing an interesting landing page, for example, for casino games online links up potential users and customers to the kind of service you render. Our insightful post will effectively guide you through the choice of the best landing page builders for an amazing turnaround in the quality of your service delivery and business. Dig into our tips below and save yourself the headache. 

Top 7 Bang-Up Landing Page Builders


Moonsend may currently be the most revered when it comes to setting up a well-designed page in no time. It’s an email marketing service provider that places your marketing campaigns on autopilot. A considerable number of viewers may then be directly linked to your page, and the good sales begin to roll. The platform avails you the opportunity to create and manage your mailing list, schedule them for fast delivery, and evaluate their efficiency based on the recipient’s reactions. 


  • Fast and easy;
  • Nice custom design and templates;
  • Feedback enabled.


  • No free trial.


Unbounce is a platform where you can customize your design from the start or choose among the topnotch templates readily available and rule your world. It’s also widely known for its ability to convert. They provide the enabling tools needed to transform your creative visions into actual reality. It may also be a desired avenue for users who juggle different landing pages at the same time. You may, however, acquaint yourself with the subject matter before proceeding to use the advanced features available there.     


  • Compatible with other digital marketing apps;
  • Easy to use;
  • Enables the user to customize design or use available templates;
  • Suitable for those who juggle pages.


  • Not suitable for beginners;
  • Gives users A/B test reports only.
The Top 7 Landing Page Builders: How Do They Stack Up?


So, you think becoming a landing page builder requires a level of tech expertise? Well, not with a user-friendly platform like GetResponse. This is where you may easily get along as a beginner. It is accessible both on your desktop and mobile devices. You build your landing page with the easy drag-and-drop option and select your preferred image from the collections of Shutterstock.

Though they lack customer support and analytical reporting, their benefits are worth giving it a try. If what you need is a simple-to-use platform that suits your desire at the tap of a finger, then GetResponse may be the right choice for you.


  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Compatible with mobile devices;
  • Shutterstock collection of images.


  • Ineffective customer support;
  • Lack of comprehensive analytics.


Though not as well pronounced as Moonsend and Unbounce, Instapage is another formidable platform worth giving a tryout. It has the needed tools to equip you for easy use and a lot of templates for the design. Benefits, however, vary based on your membership status.


  • Easy to use and set up;
  • Numerous templates;
  • Lots of packages and benefits.


  • The more you pay, the more you benefit.


LeadPages is where you may visit for every kind of professional templates with sleek style. Though they do not allow you to develop your design, you may not be able to beat their samples. You can also find some helpful tips and articles on how to create your landing page.  


  • Professional templates;
  • Easy to use;
  • Additional tips and articles.


  • Does not let you create a custom design.


Just as the name suggests, Lander is a place to find numerous templates and impressive support in getting your work done. Services on their customer support include live chat, video tutorial, and blogpost, among others. Their downside, however, is the lack of compatibility with other marketing apps.


  • Impressive customer support;
  • A/B testing enables;
  • Easy-to-use features.


  • Not compatible with other marketing apps.

Kickoff Labs  

Data and analytics may be at your ease and command when you are privileged to encounter this platform. They allow you to lead demographics and A/B testing results through automatic optimization. Data needed in boosting and enhancing your landing page efforts are also provided. Their downside, however, is that they don’t allow you to customize your template. 


  • Suitable for data and analytics;
  • User-friendly template;
  • Compatible with your email marketing plans. 


  • Users cannot customize their templates.

Step by Step Instruction on How to Integrate Your New Landing Pages Into Your Email Marketing Plan  

 The simple truth is, there are many sites to adopt a business marketing strategy, ranging from social media marketing to email marketing campaigns. A landing page is, however, a new strategy which if implemented, can enhance your business strategies as desired.

Using a drip email marketing campaign is almost the same as creating a landing page. The latter allows you to create a place that establishes a link by marketing and directing your users to their main goal. It does not matter whether your clients access this page using a PPC campaign, or they randomly came across it by any chance. They are going to be strategically linked directly to a page that answers explicitly their question on your products, brands, and so on. The specific landing page contains relevant landing page information that avails your users with ease of access to your services.   

Sum up

Regardless of whether a website is a custom design or fully encrypted with different features, it may be too much for a user to comprehend sometimes. Thus, the inevitability of a landing page cannot be overemphasized. User-friendly and audience-focused digital marketing is, no doubt, in need of a successful landing page.

According to Wikipedia, you could enhance your advertisement by linking up social media, search engine marketing, or email campaigns to your landing page. Have you ever built the one on any platform? Comment about your experience. 

Thomas is an American citizen and a graduate of Azusa Pacific University, California, where he got a degree in Digital Marketing. He is a digital marketer and a tech enthusiast. Thomas also likes swimming and playing American football.

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  1. I have to say the quality of landing page builders now is amazing. I actually jumped straight to Duda as I found I was spending a lot of time and money with all the other apps but not getting what I wanted out of it. I love unbounce as far as data analytics is concerned, however found it to be a little bit too expensive for just one or two landing Pages.

  2. I don’t remember the exact name… it was really good I am saving the link… if I found one would update… thanks for sharing 🙂

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