The Future Of Smartphones

Smartphones have come a long way in the shortest timeframe. Who thought that VR and AR would have been day to day usable technologies in 2013? With this in mind, analysing the future of smartphones as a whole, especially with all these new major players’ investments in both software and hardware is quite complicated, but we can safely trace what the biggest trends will be. Let’s analyse them in detail.


Machine Learning Devices: The Biggest Topic

When it comes to technology development, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have definitely become two of the biggest focuses within the field. Many Android app development companies, in fact, are significantly investing in the topic, hiring Python experts with the sole purpose of automating day to day apps and smartphones’ architectures. This, therefore, isn’t just limited to apps that are supposed to control factory machines, software and similar.


Virtual Reality: Removing The Bulky Peripherals

Virtual Reality at its current state is heavily limited to the fact that peripherals like Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive are pretty bulky and, therefore, its fully mobile adaptation is still the biggest speculation within business analysts. What we can safely state, though, is the fact that all the above-mentioned companies are actively looking to reshape their peripherals to keep them “mobile-friendly” in the nearest future. This, if done properly, could result in a future extension of what is currently known as the general smartphone’s shape, which will definitely include the VR peripheral.


Hardware Wise: The Desktop Translation

Although the smartphone field has gone through major development in the last couple of years (especially for what concerns its processors and RAM), a completely smooth desktop transition is still a bit far away, due to the fact that, simply speaking, the desktop’s component industry has been evolving at a pace so fast that even the quickly rising mobile component one wasn’t able to keep up with it. We can definitely expect future smartphones to have a similar processing power of an entry level gaming pc, but this is due to happen (as Alienware’s CEO says) in the next 10 years.


Augmented Reality: Powerful Resources

As we all know, floor-based algorithms are currently used to trace and read QWERTY codes, which is, on a day to day basis, pretty important, especially for what concerns mobile to desktop connections. (simple examples would be Whatsapp Web, Amazon’s Discount Codes) In the future, we can expect AR to become significantly bigger in no time, given the fact that there are several signals of investments in the field, especially within the gaming sphere.


Paul Matthews

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