Most Vital Mobile Ventures in 2019

It’s been several years now that we’ve all spent getting used to carrying around pocket-sized computers more powerful than the average laptop or desktop PC. But sometimes, as we naturally take all of this for granted, we forget to stop and consider the business side of it all. Naturally, as modern mobile tech has become more ubiquitous and more impressive, it’s continued to develop via applications across all kinds of industries and areas of interest. Here, we’re looking at some of the most impactful ways in which mobile tech has spawned new business ventures, and is continuing to do so in 2019.

Health Care

Mobile tech has plenty of useful applications in the world of health care. One of them is instant messaging – particularly vital in an industry in which having the correct information can be a matter of life and death. Leading the way in providing the most cutting-edge version of this sort of service to the global healthcare industry is a Swiss company called Komed Health AG. This startup is developing an encrypted communication platform that allows medical professionals to share medical information and facilitate quick decision making. It’s all done through a secure channel that’s not only synchronized across multiple mobile devices but also considers the privacy of the patients. Komed Health AG is currently working on implementing the platform in hospitals and other health care institutions.


While previously dominated by consoles and PCs, the world of gaming is increasingly relying on mobile to reach wider audiences. Case in point, competing first-person shooters Fortnite and PUBG have several hundred million combined registered players all across the planet. Meanwhile, the online casino industry has long been a billion-dollar industry, in which dozens of popular gaming sites present users with hundreds of different themed slot and arcade games. These games are designed by companies like Microgaming and Playtech, which have become newly successful on the mobile front as well by making their titles compatible across various mobile operating systems. This particular sort of mobile application may not be particularly relevant to American audiences, but as these growing companies continue to innovate, they’re also positioning themselves for easy entry into the U.S. market if and when casino activity is more widely legalized.

Virtual Reality

Both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are set to be powerful mobile players in 2019 and beyond. With VR peripherals still being too bulky and expensive for the average user, we’ve previously tackled how VR companies like Oculus and HTC are looking to make their devices more mobile friendly. In addition to this, it’s no secret that VR software has also been thriving thanks to ports that make it accessible via a limited number of smartphone models. And with smartphones constantly improving, more models will be able to run mobile apps and unique video experiences as we get further into 2019. This means that we can expect a growing number of VR applications from brand new companies, not just in gaming, but in other fields like marketing and art as well.

Augmented Reality

As implied above, VR and AR are closely linked, though it also bears marking the distinctions between them. AR, for instance, has proven to have applications in retail and marketing, largely thanks to simple QR code-based uses being built into numerous companies’ apps and digital platforms. In gaming, the biggest player in AR is no doubt Pokémon GO, which has spawned a series of similarly-formatted games based on popular franchises. But we’ve also seen some more unusual AR applications, such as automotive company ventures exploring the technology’s potential to assist specialist service technicians. Support from the automotive industry alone proves that AR has the potential to become a useful tool across a wide range of technical industries, rather than just among average consumers.

This piece is still only scratching the surface of mobile innovation and entrepreneurship in 2019. But even through these examples, you can get an idea of just how many companies, ventures, and applications are sparked on a near-weekly basis as mobile tech continues to improve.

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