The Best Google Launches – 2015 Edition

Google is the most significant hub of the web world. It launches many tools every year –some catching the attention like it’s the most important event for the human kind and while others just disappear in the blink of an eye. 2015 have been one such year. Many tools were launched and many just went away without even being noticed. However, all the launches have been quite useful in their own manner.

Well if you are trying to recall now about all the tools that Google launched last year, allow me to help refresh your memory. We have a handy list of all the Google tool launches in 2015 to make things easier for you.

  1. Search Analytics Report in Google Webmaster Tool

The one launch that was due since months was finally released in the mid of 2015 – The Search Analytical Report within the Google Webmaster Tool. It basically replaced the Queries Report as it performed the same functions while providing more data and filtering options than Queries.

According to Google, the Search Analytical Report allows you to break down the website’s search data while allowing it to be filtered in different manners so that it can be analyzed more accurately. In fact, they claimed that the data filtered in Search Analytical Report is more precise and calculated with a different approach than how it used to be processed in Queries Report.

  1. App Runtime for Chrome (ARC)

ARC was one of the major launches by Google last year. This project allows you to run android apps on your desktop through Chrome browser. Earlier this feature was available with just few selected developers who would collaborate with Google for the purpose, but then Google launched a Chrome app packager that makes it convenient for all the developers worldwide to run the Android apps on Linux, Mac, Chrome OS and Windows.

The tool, named ARC Welder, is basically a Chrome app which allows you to convert from mobile to desktop in merely few clicks and it uses the Android application’s APK file to perform the task. Additionally, ARC also includes Google Play Services and they are really essential for running certain applications that use Google+ Sign In, Google Cloud Messaging and OAuth2 among other services.

  1. Password Alert

With the increasing number of hacking tools, the one thing that Google users have been quite alert about is their password being unsafe. So, the company came up with its browser plug-in named “Password Alert” which gives you a warning sign every time you enter your Google password in another site which does not belong to Google.

Unlike the other Google security tools like Safe Browsing, it does not judge that whether you are on a malicious website or not, it runs of the sole principle that the password that you use for Google services should not be used for any other website or tool.

  1. Cloud Datalab

One of the most talked about launches by Google last year, Cloud Datalab is an interactive developer’s tool that allows you to explore, analyze and thereafter visualize data in few simple clicks. This service was launched to assist developers to receive insights from the raw data so that they can explore and share the reports along with publishing them in a simple, swift and cost-effective manner.

You can explore and extract data that sits in the Cloud Storage, Compute Engine and Google BigQuery using SQL, Python and JavaScript with ease.

  1. Person Finding Tool

After the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck in Nepal last year, causing immeasurable destruction and huge loss to the human lives, the company launched a tool for finding the people who were lost or detached from their dear ones during the disaster. Google’s Crises response division launched this tool the very next day which connected emergency responders with the loved ones of the people reported missing.

It tracked more than 1,400 people in the country, hence providing aid to sooth the aftermath. The users were provided with the option to either simple type of the name of the person they were looking for in the search box or text the name on the numbers provided to the users in India and United States.

I am sure this list of tools has managed to refresh your memory and you will be able to incorporate these tools in your work now since you have been acquainted with the functions of them all.

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