Reducing Wear and Tear: 4 Ways to Prevent Dust from Entering Your Machinery and Causing Damage

Airborne particulates can cause a huge problem even for equipment that is deemed to be the most advanced. Products such as flour, protein powders, ground coffee, and some snacks can create dust in your machinery. In addition to atmospheric dust, the emission of airborne particulate may take place when dry and powdered products pass through different points of machinery during the production process. Basically, any time an item is in motion, dust is bound to occur, and this could end up destroying your equipment if the right prevention techniques are not utilized. To prevent dust from entering your machinery and causing damage, here are some pointers to consider.

  1. Ventilation System

More often than not, ventilation control is an effective method many businesses use to reduce the amount of dust or airborne particulate in the environment. You can use systems such as the Local Exhaust Ventilation to get rid of dust via ducts. Normally, the ducts for ventilation systems lead the dirt particles into a collection bag where the dust is removed for disposal.

  1. Fogging Systems

Apart from the use of ventilation systems, you may opt for fogging systems because these are an excellent way for protecting factories and equipment from dust. In addition to preventing dust, fogging systems protect machinery from dust suppression, keeping it from leaving or entering the factories through the doorways. This dust prevention technique functions by filtering out the dust through small liquid droplets which are similar in size to the dust particles. The amalgamation of dust and water results in the creation of a mass which is large enough to force the particle to drift towards its source.

  1. Furnace Filters

Another way to get rid of dust in the factory is to tackle its mode of transport, that is, air. An HVAC system in the place of work will help to control dust by filtering the air. Therefore, having a functioning filter for the heating or cooling distribution system at your place of work will create a noticeable improvement when it comes to settling the dust. Although no filter can completely get rid of dust, they can minimize its buildup and prevent the machinery in your office from malfunctioning. Make sure the filters are changed as soon as they begin to build up dust because the dirt could easily damage your furnace.

  1. Dust Proof Enclosures

Machine enclosure which hour pneumatic or electrical components need to be sufficiently protected against dust to ensure they remain operational for an extended period. When using equipment in a dusty environment, make sure the components of the equipment are well protected from dust to avoid malfunction Custom rubber bellows, for instance, help in protecting the valuable components of a machine from liquids, abrasives, and dust, ensuring they remain operational for long. What’s more, rubber bellows aid in concealing the mobile parts of a machine for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, if you are looking to protect the different components of your machinery from dust, the rubber bellows are things that are worth considering.


When it comes to preventing dust from entering your machinery, you should consider the factors mentioned above. In addition to preventing dust, these components and techniques will help in minimizing abrasion and ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

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