Novel Promotional Event Ideas To Get Your Brand Noticed

There is nothing like showing people a good time to get them to feel all warm and fuzzy about your brand. Something that means they are much more likely to talk about it, positively review it, and use it themselves. Of course, you will want something well matched to your brand and original as well, so check out our promotional event ideas below that are sure to get your brand noticed.

A Festival

Summer day festivals are hugely popular especially with the 18- 30 demographic, and so it’s worth considering this type of event if that is the audience you are looking at marketing to.

The primary focus here though should be around people having fun, that has been provided for them by you guys. To do this, it is essential to have all the basics in place, like music or some good live bands, as well as refreshments and conveniences. The latter being something that portable toilet rentals companies can help you out with. Remember to make sure that you hire enough though, as you want people to associate your brand with fun, and not having to wait in line for hours!

Regarding branding, there are plenty of opportunities. Try adding your brand name to the lanyard passes or on refreshment cups, or give out promotional sunglasses (click here if you want one for your brand). A company branded banner across the main stage can work well tool, and if you want to go the whole hog why not give out festival survival kits contain what is shown in the clip below in branded bags to get your message across.

A Blogger Meet Up

Another option for a novel promotional event that can get your brand noticed is to organize a professional blogger meet up. This sort of activity is becoming more popular as it’s a great way to get a group of influencers together and pitch them your brand and products.

Such events are usually held in the day and include catered food, informational booths and most importantly of all freebies. Yes, that is right, people love getting free stuff to try out, who’d have thought it? This is, of course, a fantastic opportunity for you to get your product used and reviewed by people that will reach your target audience in an organic way.

A Themed Day

Lastly, don’t forget that promotional events can be anything that you know will appeal to either the key decision makers in a company that you are trying to sell to or the public demographic that make up the majority of your market.

With this in mind, they key to a successful event is to find a fun activity that you can tie in with your theme as best as possible. For example, an online art company may host a painting party where a professional shows attendees how to create their own canvases while drinking wine and eating cheese. While a cupcake business may hold a decorate your own cake event.

A cake company might throw a decorating event.

It is this connection between the positive activity the product and brand that strengthens the association in the attendant’s mind, and so can improve your brand visibility in a productive way.

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