4 Simple Steps to Help You Become a Professional Blogger

Blogging is an extremely popular pastime for people to write about their thoughts and express opinions with others on the internet. A blog could be as innocent as talking about your pet dog to something more pressing such as commentary about world politics. Whatever your interests are, you’re bound to find someone on the internet that’s blogging about something that interests you.

But what about starting your very own blog? You’ll get to communicate and network with a vast amount of people across the internet and you’ll be making friends around the globe to discuss and share your interests with. A successful blog is even capable of making you a decent amount of money—perhaps enough to even live off. The life of a professional blogger is difficult and the road is a rocky one, so here’s some tips on how to achieve that goal.


Good Design is Everything

A good website can transform your brand from cookie-cutter to global phenomenon. It’s important that you use complimentary colours, easy to read fonts and don’t play around with font sizes too much. A good way to get started is to simply use a template for whatever blogging host you’re using. It will automatically set up a web page, and all you need to do is type up content and post pictures for your readers to see.

Pick a Reliable Host

WP hosting can be a complicated matter because there are so many different variables that go into a good host. However, the most important feature is uptime. Space doesn’t matter because text hardly takes up any space and images can be hosted on separate services if needed, and there’s nothing more off-putting for your viewers than a website that’s never up or very slow to load. What’s the point of being a blogger if no one can access your site? Do your research, look up reliable hosting services and ensure they have security measures in place so that no one can destroy your blog.

Don’t Neglect Image Copyright Issues

Images are copyrighted on the internet, there’s no getting around that. While most people don’t care if you use their images as long as you give credit, some people are very protective of their work and will go to incredible lengths just to sue you for using their images. You never want to be on the defending end of an image copyright case because you’ll almost certainly lose because many laws protect the one that created the image. Look for royalty free images to use whenever possible or simply take your own pictures.

Define Your Audience, Don’t Target Them

You want to write about things you enjoy instead of writing to appeal to an audience. The more honest your writing is, the easier it is to come up with new topics and subject matters to cover. Never appeal to your fans unless it’s something you enjoy as well. Defining an audience takes a lot of time but you can speed up the process by utilising social media such as Twitter and Facebook to speak with your readers and advertise your blog to the world.

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