Mid-Year Check-in

Can you believe that half the year is almost over?  It feels like yesterday when we were writing out our business goals for 2010.  Here are a few tips for maximizing the rest of your year.

1. Pull out that list of business goals you created, and check your progress. Did you attain that 10% increase in sales, develop that new product or finally write your company’s marketing plan?  Make sure to celebrate the goals you attained with those who helped make them happen – subcontractors, employees, even yourself.  If you fell short, re-examine the goal. Did missing this mark have a negative impact on your business, or was it even a good goal to begin with?

2. Reach out to your customers. This would be a good time to create a “how am I doing” survey for your mailing list.  Not only does it give your customers a good chance to sound off about your business, but it also builds the business-client relationship by showing that you care about their opinions.  Ask about your previous marketing campaigns and even about products/services the customer would like to see in the back-half of the year.  You will get a read on what your customers find most exciting and may even come away with a few testimonials.

3. Plan your programs for the remainder of the year. Now that you have checked your progress against your goals and gotten customer feedback, take the time to tweak your plans for the better.

Make the rest of the year a great one!

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Dequiana Jackson, Founder of Inspired Marketing, Inc., helps overachieving women entrepreneurs conquer limiting beliefs and create marketing plans that grow their businesses. This includes one-on-one marketing plan development, digital product creation, web design and content marketing. Dequiana is the author of Know Your Business: How to Attract Ideal Clients & Sell More and runs the award-winning blog, Entrepreneur-Resources.net.

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