Marketing Strategies: How To Use Facebook For A Brilliant Marketing Campaign

Over the past decade, marketing has had a remarkable transformation. It used to be based on physical marketing like TV and billboards; now it is all online. Social media has gotten its hand into the marketing industry, and it is not letting go. Take Facebook for example. Companies big and small from all around the world are mastering Facebook marketing, and they are reaping the benefits in the process. As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss out. So, here are a few tips on how to use Facebook to effectively and successfully market your brand.


Forgot About The Hard Sell

As a businessperson, you are used to fast and competitive environments where the loser is the person who cannot sell quickly enough. As a result, your approach to selling is one that makes Facebook users uncomfortable. When people use Facebook, they donโ€™t want business outsiders pestering them with products. It is not cool, and it is not how social media works. For the best results, you need to relax and become a part of the community. Avoid advertising slogans and repeated posts about products and services.


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Post Regularly

Posting is harder than it seems at first. The statistics tell us that at least fifty percent of users will check Facebook at least once a day. That means if you can post content once or twice a day you can exploit the addictive nature of Facebook. Also, users, you follow you will expect you to keep up with their patterns, which makes regular posts more important. However, you still need to post quality material that will entertain and engage the audience. As a core principle, that never changes. So, never substitute quantity for quality.


Set Goals

Just like you would set your company goals with conventional methods of advertising, you need to do the same with Facebook. For example, you might say that you want to increase your companyโ€™s Facebook sales by a certain percentage in a specific timeframe. Then, you would create daily posts for that period that encourage sales. It might be a two for one offer or a coupon to use in the store that lures in new customers and gets existing customers to spend more. Whatever your goal, make sure you write it down clearly and concisely.


Respond And Start A Conversation

One of the many ways of marketing with Facebook is to engage with your customers and start a conversation. The method works on two counts, both of which are important. Firstly, it allows you to understand your customers better. As a result, you can market your brand directly to them and increase sales. Secondly, they will feel loyal to your brand and stay with you if they are engaged. That means they will talk about you to their friends and mention you in other conversations on their website or blog. From an SEO point of view, that is essential to increasing the amount of traffic to your site.


Pictures And Videos

Alternative forms of media are part of the appeal of social media. You cannot sit and watch a thirty-second video when you read the newspaper. And, they are more informative than entertaining when you see them on the news. A good mixture of pictures and videos with the right content will keep your customer bases entertained and interested.


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