Key Steps to Forming Your Winner Software Development Team

So you want a motivated team to carry your software development aspirations to the next level?  Well, everybody needs a great team of developers. What, now, are the key steps to forming your winner software development team?

Assuming that you badly need a winner software development team, one major thing to note is that it is not easy. Having the right people with the right skill-set and the right attitudes is near miraculous. Neither is it advantageous.  See why.

Always go for skill diversity

From the get-go, you should hunt for diversely skilled team of developers. The reason is that you do not want to end up with a bunch of people who cannot do any other thing apart from the coding. Skill diversity also helps you to delegate tasks. These tasks are assigned according to each team member’s interest and demonstrated abilities.

Be patient with the team

Granted, you have assembled the right skill-set for your project. Remember these are people with diverse habits, backgrounds and varying adaptability thresholds. You barely know them when you introduce them to each other. Now, they have to go through Bruce Tuckman’s stages of group development. Don’t fret. Relax.

Here’s where some software developers will appear as slower, hyper or even aggressive. Designation of roles often causes major disruptions in the team. A little patience, therefore, will help you understand that the group has to go through all the stages: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning.

In a nutshell, forming is the initiation of the group. It is followed by storming which is the most chaotic, and then Norming which brings calm before the group begins Performing. After the software development project is complete, the team could Adjourn.

Embrace change

Now, if you are going to be forming a winner software development team, you will have to adjust. Yes, you did draw a plan. Yes, there are procedures and processes to follow. But you just have to be open-minded. The road to success is not as smooth. Even with the best software developers in your arsenal.

So, the takeaways here are that you change what does not work. Adopt different approaches. Whichever way, whatever shape it takes, the team has to be successful. This brings us to the next point.

Stay focused on the project

With everything happening around, you could get lost in the enthusiastic pursuit of project success. However, you should be close enough to feel the pulse of the software developers. You should ensure all the wheels are oiled and there are minimal logistical interruptions.

Always remember to delegate tasks to the team and trust them to deliver as agreed and when agreed. This has the effect of making every team member feel part of the project. It also loads the responsibility of success or failure on the team.

Encourage feedback

Now, regardless of the amount of time and resources spent on software development, the bottom-line is value. When you encourage your software development team to be free in giving feedback, it is easier to detect problems early enough. This also enhances co-operation between the developers on how the project can be made better.

Feedback also comes in the testing stage of software development. With an elaborate feedback plan, you could observe the reaction of users of software and implement the changes. These proposed changes may determine whether your project becomes the next big thing or a down-right flop.


In forming your winner software development team, you have to be smart.  You will have to look for the right people, patiently nurture them and adapt to changes on course. Additionally, you will also need to stay focused, encourage feedback and rally a motivated team behind your project.

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