Ones and Zeros: These 5 Simple Principles Will Help You Select the Best Software Developers

In order to square off with the competing software development companies, you’re going to need to come up with a way to find the best software developers to add to your team. Whether you’re building web solutions, mobile apps, WordPress plugins, desktop applications or anything else for that matter, you’re going to need to pick someone who is both talented and has good work ethics.

Since there are more jobs than the number of developers on the market can currently fill, your hiring process must showcase your company’s strengths and what you can offer them as well. With that in mind, let’s delve right into how you can select the very best of them out there:

  1. Don’t spend all your resources on one superstar

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the fact remains that the best software solutions out there are always created by more than just one single developer. You want talented people, but then again, you also want someone you can afford in the first place. So don’t blow your entire budget on a single person.

  1. Check their references

Who has the candidate you’re considering to hire worked for in the past? Have the previous employers been satisfied with that professional’s work or have there been other reasons behind them going their separate ways? Prioritize the developers who can show you what they were working on in the past, especially if they have a rich history of working with big names. Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to check up on the legitimacy of the source provided.

  1. Look for them in unconventional places

It’s important to always be challenging conventional hiring practices when you hire your next developer and never forget to look at the sources you otherwise wouldn’t even think of. Instead of passively waiting for the job applications to come in, why not actively search for candidates on LinkedIn or one of the freelancer networks? Professional meetups and conferences are another great way of networking with your potential employees and getting to know them on a more personal level.

  1. Search for a suitable profile

For starters, do you need a back-end or a front-end software engineer? Then, you need to check whether the candidate you’re considering has a sufficient amount of experience in the target field. If you’re mainly focused on developing mobile apps, hiring a superstar web app developer could work out or it could not… in any case, it’s best to stick with specialized professionals if at all possible.

  1. Character also counts, not only the technical skills

Interviewing the candidate reveals a lot of things about that person’s character, and it’s something you should use to gauge their compatibility with your company’s vision. Another way of saying it is this; would you truly want to be working with someone who has terrible manners and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the team, despite that person’s talents? You don’t have to make it a dealbreaker, but at least have it as a consideration.


Every company should put its own distinct hiring process in place, but these principles are a surefire way of increasing your chances of finding the best software developers out there. The only remaining thing to do is to implement them. Have you begun the scouting process yet?

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