How to Increase the Performance of Your Branded Mobile

People are obsessed with their new branded mobile phones. They guard it with their lives as if this is the only possession they have.

And why not? Our phones are our tiny version of the whole world. Without it what would we do?

Manufacturers have intentionally made the browser of our phones lighter and faster for smooth functioning. But despite that, phones get slow because we use them extensively.

In actuality, there is not a single phone in the world (no matter how good it is and what the mobile phone price is), that will not slow down after a certain period of time.

But do not panic. The performance of your phone can be increased easily.

Follow some simple steps:

To increase the performance of your new branded phone or to fix the phone from slowing down, you can follow these simple procedures, which are also paramount in maintaining your device.

  1. Clearing the Cache:

One of the reasons your mobile slows down is the huge amount of undeleted cache. Consider deleting the cache on a regular basis, twice a week at least. It will keep your phone in good health.

To clear the cache, you can go to Settings and then click on the storage menu. You will get the amount of cache in your phone’s memory. Click on it and delete the entire data.

This is not only for speeding up the phone. Cleaning cache is a daily maintenance procedure for your PC as well.


  1. Close the apps running in the background:

Some apps really cause a nuisance to the owner as they automatically start to run while the phone is on.

Or some of the apps continue to sync with the online services and steal a lot of data. This is another reason for the slowing down of your phone.

Check which apps are creating the nuisance. Either disable them or delete them completely if you’re unable to disable them.

To inquire about the apps, you can go to the settings and click on the running tab or you can install various battery savers that will inform you about the running apps from time to time.

I personally use the DU Battery saver for my Android phone.


  1. Clear the inbuilt memory:

In most cases, people store their media files, slides, folders and documents in the built in memory of their phones. It is not at all a good practice.

Use a microSD card to store all important files and folders as using up all the built in storage will obviously slow down your device.

At least 20 percent of the entire storage should be free. To do that you can uninstall the unnecessary apps that come with your inbuilt memory.

Apps like Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart can easily be uninstalled if not used frequently. You can check the best online deals in your browser also.


  1. Get rid of animations:

I know there are lots of people out there who love animation in their phones. Maybe you are one of them. But my friend, animations can affect the performance of your phone.

Running animations continuously will also eat up a huge amount of battery.

Animations are just for beautifying. Other than that, they serve no important purpose, so please consider deleting them.

I bet you will feel the difference.


  1. Disable animated screensaver if any:

Yea! I know it looks cute when a dog blinks his eyes continuously when your screen is locked but it terribly slows down your phone and in some cases overheats too.

Maybe disabling the screensaver will be heart wrenching for you but it will be a good idea if you disable that too.


  1. Enhance the memory limit of Chrome:

You can quadruple the limit of the Chrome browser usage. By default, it only uses up to 128 MB of the available RAM. By doing that you can get faster and smoother performance.

For that, open the browser and type chrome://flags//#max-tiles-for-interest-area.

Then you will see that a list will appear where the ‘Maximum tiles for interest area’ section will come with a drop down option.

Click on the default option and open the drop down menu from where you have to select the maximum amount which will be 512.

Now click on the ‘Relaunch now’ button.


  1. Restart your phone:

Sometimes most of the problems can easily be resolved by clicking on the restart or reboot button of the phone.

It will close down all the running apps, tabs that are overheating the phone and also some unnecessary functions that may be running in the background of your phone.

So whenever you feel that your phone is slowing down, try rebooting it. Most of the problems will resolve automatically.

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