Small Business Tips

Setting Goals for 2011: 2010 Habits to Keep or Leave Behind

Can you believe that 2011 is less than a month away? For many of us, December is a time of goal-setting, resolution writing and figuring out how to make next year better than the last. This December, I encourage you to examine your small business habits. This piece is often overlooked as we enter a new year. We'll set sales goals, marketing goals and even personal weight loss goals, but we won't take a hard look at the business habits we need to kick before the new year rolls around. I encourage you to do that right now.

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5 Ways to Spot a Nightmare Client

Before you take on that new client, make sure your eagerness now is not going to set you up for a headache later. Examine that first phone call or meeting to make sure you're not about to have a nightmare client on your hands. If that potential client utters one of these 5 phrases, you might want to run in the opposite direction.

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Customer Service Tip: Don’t Call Your Clients Stupid

I have a professional blogger friend who is quite tech proficient. To stay on top of her game she regularly attends blogging and social media classes. Our conversations after these workshops are typically a lot of fun. She excitedly tells me what she learned, and we talk about how we can apply it to our own businesses. Well...last week was different. She was pissed. It turns out that the workshop was good, but the presenter turned her off. Their email conversation started innocent enough, but then it went sour.

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