Want to Attract Local Customers? Signage is Key

When it comes to communicating a message, signage is the most effective means to complete the task. Signs direct the masses, remind us to perform a certain task and sometimes inspire a decision. Signs alert the public to the existence of a variety of businesses, medical, educational or financial institutions, sports and entertainment venues and promote a course of action. There is a variety of variables that go into designing signage solutions, and there is no room for error in order to convey the message clearly.

Sign campaigns are one of the most effective methods of marketing and advertising. Signs are on the job 24 hours a day, including lighted signs that are turned off during non-business hours. Most people read signs and the mere repetition of the signs will create an automatic response when the business or service is needed.

It is essential to have the right signage to achieve the goal, and the right signage solution is the result of incorporating the best practices and methods and creating the best mix of text and graphics to tell the story. Sign solution specialists will create campaigns from A to Z and include site assessment and design, fabrication and installation to assure customers of complete signage success.

Sign technology is critical when designing a campaign for a business. The sign has to be unique and eye catching, but still has to meet the guidelines and codes of the governing municipality. The proper signage campaign will bring in new business and remind existing business the company is still in business. Signs will add to the branding of a company with a logo that will become ingrained in the viewer’s memory after seeing the sign on a regular basis.

A well planned sign campaign will bring in new business from added visibility for the business. More business translates to higher profits. Research indicates about 85% of customers work or lives within a 5 mile radius of the business they utilize. Additional research shows about 12 to 20% of the population moves every year which means there are always new customers that will be attracted to a business through a well designed sign campaign.

The value of a well designed on site signage is equal in value to 24 full page newspaper advertisements every year. A signage designer with the right expertise will have the ability to take advantage of the sign applications and turn a simple means of communication into greater success for all concerned.

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  1. You make a good point about signs directing the masses. Repetition is also a powerful tool, as you shared.

  2. I like that you recognize signs as being on the job all day all night because that is so true! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great information! The fact you finish with about a well-designed sign being equal to 24 full page newspaper advertisements per year clearly establishes signage as a continually superior method of advertising.
    Heather´s last blog post ..BMW Vehicle Wrap Color Change

  4. I totally agree with your points. The business sign plays a vital role in your business sale and branding.
    As experts said – “A business without the Sign is the sign of no Business”

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