Business Travel Simplified: How Translation Technology is Expanding Your Customer Base

It can often feel very awkward when you are struggling to make yourself understood in a foreign climate on holiday, but those difficulties are more amplified and frustrating, when you are trying to do business with a potential customer.

A diverse range of languages is what makes our world so culturally rewarding, but when someone is trying to communicate something important, like a conversation about an incident with a car accident injury lawyer in Greeley, such as, it definitely helps that translation technology is now available that breaks down those language barriers.

Language conversion challenges

If you have ever used a free online resource that offers to translate and transpose what you want to say into a foreign language, or vice versa, you will know how notoriously difficult that feat is to accomplish.

Every language has a subtle range of quirks, nuances and even unexplainable inconsistencies, that are extremely difficult to teach to a software program and apply in real-life situation.

The one thing that is immediately noticeable, despite those obvious challenges, is how rapidly some of the paid-for technology is evolving.

Translation on the move

Systran is a business translator software program that typifies the progress made, and it has been working on developing a reliable translation program since 1968.

Looking at their software as a typical example, it offers to provide translation technology that you can use on your mobile, desktop or any other suitable device, allowing you to access a rule-based translation service that aims to create reliable and fluent translation.

Being able to use a software program like this while you are on the go, can help you to draw up documents or read a contract that you are being presented with, almost immediately.

That could make your business negotiations run much more smoothly, when you have a translation service that you can carry around with you.

Local lingo

One of the many unique aspects about language in general, is that it often evolves on a localized basis, which means that many of incorporate slang and jargon into our everyday conversations.

If everybody spoke their language in its purest form and without any of those almost unfathomable local expressions and phrases, it would be easier to translate. The fact that online chat and social media is filled with people using their language in their own adaptive way, means that you will need some real-time translation software that can cope with these challenges.

If you check out the software reviews for example, you should be able to find a program that allows you the chance to converse with a global audience on social media sites in a way that would not have been possible a short time ago.

For example, Skype are busy developing their real-time translation software that promises to allow the chance to set up a video-conference anywhere in the world, and talk to a potential customer in their language.

The technology is far from perfect right now, but there is little doubt that the global marketplace is opening to your business, allowing you to find more customers on a global scale.


Lucas Heath works in the tourism industry and is often traveling between global resorts. In his spare time he enjoys writing travel articles, about both industry news and travel/leisure guides.

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