Bill Michelon: Using Analytics to Get Ahead In Today’s Digital World

The digital world is fast paced and ever demanding. The landscape is constantly changing for both end users and marketers trying to reach those end users. So how do you get ahead? Professional Media Buyer, Bill Michelon, provides his insights on how to use analytics to get ahead in today’s digital world.

Who is Bill Michelon?

Bill Michelon is a highly successful digital marketing expert and mentor to those entering the same field. The approach he’d perfected is effective with all types of clients, and he has over 10 years of digital media buying experience. With every client, he builds on his proven track record of helping them pinpoint solutions to their existing online marketing problems. His process for implementing those solutions is straightforward. Michelon also prefers not to delegate, instead working personally with each client to build their personal online brand. The key tools he uses include analytics of consumers’ online buying behavior even if they intend to make a final offline purchase.

Why Analytics Matter

Web analytics matter because they indicate who to target for a digital marketing strategy, as well as when and how to do this. Bill Michelon uses a daily analytics strategy that measures how much certain digital traffic patterns translate into common buying behavior patterns. According to Michelon, e-commerce and online shopping is still growing exponentially and is quickly replacing brick-and-mortar business locations for a wider variety of goods and services.

Finding the Right Tools

The first and most essential tool in any digital marketer’s tool kit is a Google Analytics account. There are other web analytics platforms available, but Google measures a much larger and more diverse bulk of Internet traffic. It therefore brings in the most comprehensive sets of data tied to an infinite variety of subject matter. Google Analytics can track virtually every action a user makes on any given website. It also works very effectively for both ecommerce and traditional web-based clients. Michelon uses this tool to uncover numerous insights about every client’s buyers.

Google Adwords is a comprehensive advertising platform that can help any ecommerce entrepreneur optimize ads to hit target demographics. It can track ad spend and conversion rates in real time. Bill Michelon shows clients how to use Adwords to directly hit the audience they’re trying to reach, and he’ll also demonstrate how it’s advantageous to use this tool to retarget existing consumers on a consistent basis.

Interpreting Data and Optimizing Accordingly

The interpretation of data is vital to planning any digital marketing campaign. Based on the right analytics, any website can be tailored to be easily navigable to desired consumers. If one buyer spends $50 on an order, the following ads targeted to that buyer will show other items in a similar price range. If a client’s site is receiving a lot of traffic but few conversations, an important part of optimization is uncovering where the traffic is falling off and optimizing those areas of the website.

By using analytics, business owners can truly know their clientele, thus being able to optimize ad campaigns and websites accordingly, leading to more conversions in a relatively short time frame. They can get insights into their target audience’s preferences and common buying habits, as well as how they can improve their ecommerce website’s navigability. The insight and mentoring strategies of Bill Michelon bring larger numbers of conversions from website traffic and improve the online customer experience. As many as three out of every four consumers consult online information before making any major purchase, indicating that digital marketing has become essential for continuing success in any niche area.

Learn more about Bill Michelon by visiting his site, You can also follow Bill on Facebook and Twitter.

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