8 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid


Marketing is one of the essential facets of your business. Marketing is your ability to brand your product to new and emerging markets for a bigger reputation and sales. Unlike years gone by, the emphasis isn’t on conventional methods of marketing because digital marketing is taking over. The Internet is the chief tool that the vast majority of the general public use to shop, so your business has to keep up and exploit that fact. However, most companies do not exploit this opportunity because they make silly mistakes. Because you don’t want to be just another failed company, you might want to check out the digital marketing mistakes you must avoid.

No Strategy

Although conventional and digital marketing methods do differ in some respects, a lot of the principles stay the same. So, just like you would do for a TV ad or poster, you need to create a strategy for your current digital marketing campaign. Without a plan, you do not know what you are trying to achieve or how you are going to achieve your primary goals. A codified set of rules and regulations allows you to tackle problems that most companies find hard to solve. Otherwise, you end up like a chicken running around without a head.

Not Writing For Customers

Search engines play a big part in digital marketing, hence the term search engine optimisation. As a result, a lot of people have the tendency to write for search engines instead of their customers. For starters, writing for search engines means you are excluding your customer base. Even if you could get away with stuffing your site full of keywords, it would ruin the experience, and they would bounce in a matter of minutes. And, secondly, search engines are smart. They understand that businesses try to cut corners, so they have an algorithm. The algorithm spots sites that are creating ‘unnatural’ content and docks them points. The result is that you end up coming way down the list on the search engine’s results page.

Poor Navigation

Please make navigating your site simple and easy. Try and forget about the complex methods of graphic design as they only turn off users. No one wants to visit a page that is impossible to figure out because they haven’t got the time or the energy. How does this affect marketing your brand? Simply put, users will bounce from your site. Part of your marketing strategy is to try and create traffic, and then convert that traffic into sales. If your site isn’t user-friendly, the odds or a conversion are slim.

Too Good For IT Support

Do you think you can take care of your IT needs alone? Most businesses have the same idea because IT is something that everyone understands to a degree. Okay, you might not be an expert, but you can get by. Still, you need IT support unless you are an information technology savant. IT specialists will take care of all the bugs in your website and make it more friendly and easy to use. As we already know, that boosts the experience for the user and encourages them to buy. Plus, they also take care of the little maintenance jobs that keep the site up and running. The best thing about digital marketing is the fact it is there 24/7 for 365 days of the year. The last thing you want, then, is your site going down on a regular basis and affecting sales.

Auto-Posting On Social Media

Social media is your biggest and best friend. Not only can you advertise your marketing campaign for free, but you can also talk and converse with your clientele. Conversing is incredibly important because it allows you to understand what the customer wants and how best to offer it to them. And, it makes the customers feel special, which increases a sense of brand loyalty. So, by auto-posting on social media sites, you lose this particular benefit straight away. The posts are not tailored to the people who are asking questions and who want answers. They are just generic posts that are not beneficial to your company in any way.


Ignoring Social Media

Although social media mistakes are bad, at least you use social media. Do you use social media for marketing purposes? If the answer to that is no, it is probably the main reason your company is struggling. There is no need to repeat the benefits of social media, so I won’t rehash them. Just know that, whichever you try and spin it, social media is a must for any business in the twenty-first century.

No Content

Content is essential if you want people coming back to your website. With SEO and a few strategic marketing tips, you can get traffic to your site once or twice. However, to get them back on a regular basis you need more than a couple of links and keywords. You need something that they want to read, like unique and original content. Content is the lifeblood of your site because it drives your marketing and social media effort. Content is what you are going to be advertising or posting on Twitter and Facebook. No content means no advertising in a lot of cases.

Content Not For the Web

Before you write any old article, it must be fit for the Internet. How does an Internet article differ from a conventional one? For starters, the sentences are shorter and much punchier. It makes reading on a computer screen much more comfortable. And, of course, there are the links. Links add to the experience because they should head to relevant pages on the web. There are more ways to spruce up your Internet content, but these are two of the most basic and important.

And that is how you avoid the pitfalls of digital marketing. It is important to remember that for all its benefits, there are negatives that can potentially cripple your business. So, you need to make sure you get it right from day one.

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