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6 Easy SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Just about every business has some form of online presence, but how strong that presence is sets your business apart from the rest of the competition. Online marketing is cut throat and having a solid SEO strategy puts you at the top of the game. SEO is all about having your website picked as the best even by the best serp tracking tool. This means that when potential customers go online and search for certain keywords, then your website will pop up first in the search results. Good SEO makes your website more visible, which translates to more traffic and finally more sales and revenue.
If you are not too web savvy,  don’t worry there are a few simple things you can do on your own. You can see the best SEO courses here if you want to learn how to boost your Google ranking without having to break the bank in order to afford an SEO specialist. Furthermore, here are simple tips to help you create an SEO strategy that will boost your small businesses to greater heights.

Know Your Audience

Before you go looking for keywords, building a solid SEO foundation all boils down to how well you know your audience. In order to benefit from SEO, it’s important to know what your potential consumers are looking for online. Try and understand who your target audience is? What do they need?  What kind of questions or words would they be looking up online? What kind of content would they be searching for? And so many other things that you will need to take into consideration in a bid to understand your audience. It is in the answering of some of these questions that you will be able to set up a simple SEO strategy that gets you results.

For every new market that you target, make sure to always know your audience before you do anything. For example, a Spanish audience might expect very different content to that of a UK or US audience. Therefore, as your business starts to grow, you should consider how you will successfully be able to target a wider audience. The answer lies in international SEO. In the case of our example, if you want to target the growing online Spanish market, you would benefit from seeking Spain SEO services, taking into consideration on-page SEO, analysis, and reports.

Blog Regularly

Google algorithms are set up in such a way that they tend to favour websites that are regularly updated with relevant posts. One of the simplest ways to boost your position on serp ranking is to have a regular blog on your website. This could be daily or weekly posts, just ensure that they are entertaining, helpful and relevant. Aside from boosting your ranking, having a blog is a great way to interact with your target consumer and sharing helpful information on your products and services establishing your knowledge in the field. Blog post are also very easy to share on different platforms thereby generating more traffic to your website.

State Your Location

Another quick way to boost your SEO is to state your geographical location such as your company’s address, state and country, on your website, blog posts or on social media channels. Google tends to favour websites that have their local listing up on their page so consumers can easily find them. So take a moment to fill out your Google business page, Yelp or Travel Advisor page. You can enlist the help of a web developer to incorporate your listing into your home page headers, Meta tags and throughout your website. In case you change locations, ensure you update this on your website promptly.

Use a Mobile Friendly Site

Most people these days like to be connected on the go. If they want to search for something, they will first turn to their smartphones for answers. As a small business that is serving a small local community, it’s important to ensure that your potential customers can still access information about your business without having to open their laptops or desktop and simply get what they need on the go. Having a mobile friendly website guarantees this and puts you on top of local searches on Google search results. Ensure that the page is clearly visible on the mobile device and is fully responsive in order to engage the consumer.

Build Backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks that act as a quick connection back to your websites from other sites and can help drive more traffic to your website, which translates to higher Google search ranking. You may be wondering how you can create back links to your website. It’s simple really. You can start off by setting up a business page on popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or creating business profiles on Yelp, Foursquare or TripAdvisor. Creating a YouTube channel is also a very modern and effective way of having backlinks to your website.

Provide Good Content

Many business owners get trapped in the keyword sphere by always trying to search for the most relevant and useful keywords. However, this is not all that is needed in SEO. It’s important to focus instead in creating high quality content that provides your audience with useful and relevant information. Keywords are of help too, but they need to be sprinkled out on high quality content that helps answer some key questions that your audience might have.

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  1. I do like that you pointed out the importance of understanding who your audiences are and what they are looking for online in order to build a solid SEO foundation. My parents are dreaming of owning a small business in the future. What they want is to make sure that they can improve their online presence for them to easily capture the attention of their customers. To be honest, they are not skilled in effectively using SEO for the benefit of their business, so I’ll make sure to hire a professional SEO company for them.

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  4. There are many benefits of having a mobile-friendly website. First and foremost, it makes your website more accessible to mobile users. This means that your website will be more likely to be found and used by people who are using mobile devices to access the internet. Additionally, having a mobile-friendly website can increase your website’s ranking in search engines.

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