5 Creative Ways to Use Your Tablet

It can be great to use your tablet for running your business, but what about when you have some down time? If work is all you’re doing with your tablet, though, you’re not taking full advantage of its features. With a little research and imagination, you can find lots of great uses for a tablet. Here are just a few ideas you might not have thought about.

Get Fit

A tablet can help you devise a fitness program. Whether your passion is running, lifting weights, or yoga, there’s an app geared to your interests. Some apps are trackers where you can record your progress, while others offer streaming workouts. With so many apps having free or low-cost options, you can download a variety of programs so you’ll never get bored with your routine. Tracking calories and weight is also easy when you use an app.

Take Care of Pets

There are two types of apps that cater to pets and their humans. The first type helps you train, feed, and keep a pet healthy. For instance, if you’re interested in basic obedience for dogs, you can find apps that offer tips and techniques and even have clicker sounds designed to get your pet’s attention. The second type of app allows your pet to interact with a tablet. These apps are optimized for the touch of a paw or nose. Some feature yes-or-no questions, while others make it possible for a pet to create a work of digital art that you can save and post online.

Save Recipes

If you collect recipes, apps make it easy to organize those you already have or to find new ones. You can upload your creations, complete with photos, and if you like, share them with other cooks. Most of these apps have handy features such as shopping-list generators and nutritional information for recipes and ingredients.

Get a Second Screen

There are many times when one screen isn’t enough. If you’re working or watching something on your computer, use a tablet to access other websites, a chat service, send an email, or make notes. You’ll save time by avoiding switching between programs on your computer.

Organize Your Life

Keep track of appointments, finances, schedules, and contacts on a tablet. Update the tablet’s calendar to remind you of everything from birthdays to work deadlines. Store important documents on a tablet or in the cloud, so you can access them whenever you want.

There are endless uses for a tablet, and their small size and readable screens make them easy to use whether you’re at home or out and about.

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