5 Building Blocks of ERP For Manufacturing System

When analyzing a procedure, it is imperative to identify your needs from quote to cash and from start to end. When it comes to looking overall elements of ERP, it is useful to distribute it into five building blocks.

  • EIS or Executive Information System
  • SCM or Supply Chain Management
  • QMS or Quality Management System
  • MES or Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management

1.  Customer Relationship Management

Effective management of the experience of customer starts with sales but add touch points via an order cycle. It includes

  • Warranty/Exchanges/Returns Service
  • Performance/Field Service
  • Customer Service
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Order Status
  • Contract Management
  • Order and Quote Entry
  • Sales Process Management
  • Contact/Lead Management

Manufacturer improves post and pre-sales procedures as well as the whole customer experience by intending all or some of these functions.

2.  Manufacturing Execution System

The part of the system allows the manufacturers to decrease the labor, inventory and material cost through enhanced real-time visibility, lean scheduling opportunities, and demand-driven procurements throughout the cycle of production. This process contains

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Traceability
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Shopfloor Management
  • Material and Labor Costing
  • Material Planning

MES provides visibility and increases tactic and strategic decision making.

3.  Quality Management System

Several firms maintain standards of quality for compliance with standards like ISO. But some firms are not needed to be certified to these difficult standards advantages considerably from quality management via their organizations. Common procedure integration contains

  • Audit Management
  • Gage Calibration and Preventive Maintenance
  • Employee Development
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Vendor Performances Management
  • In-process Inspection
  • Products Data Management
  • Process Management
  • Quality documentation

The overall advantages from such features include excellent customer satisfaction, few defects, reliable throughput, tight production tolerance, good vendor performance, decreased cost of quality and process repeatability.

4.  Supply Chain Management

The discipline infuses all functions within the firm. The program management includes product launch teams, lifecycle management, testing, research and many more. SCM interchanges for the supplier performances management, Shipping and logistics, electronic transactions, automated transactions and many more. It integrates throughout receiving/shipping functions, purchasing and sales order. It includes

  • Waterhouse Management
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Logistics
  • EDI

5.  Executive Information System

This critical building block contains systems and tools provide great decision-making and visibility criteria with the organization’s daily management. Common Integration comprises

  • Human Resource Management
  • Costing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Finance

Executive Information System records information and report transactions. It is vital for day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

How to Make All These Procedures Simple and Easy?

The use of the ERP for Manufacturing software makes your effort simple and easy for you. Decrease your cost and boost your revenue. Having a dependable and reliable ERP system at the base of your business provides great real-time control and visibility over every aspect of the company. Implementing new ERP systems do not have to be time consuming or expensive. This software helps you to find out the lost output. It helps in streamlining your business. It provides the well-supported and secure environment with no need for costly upgrades and 3rd party applications.

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