5 Best Sports Promotion Ideas You Should Consider

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Sports is a major part of the entertainment industry and continues to grow globally. With good marketing strategies, teams, leagues, and consumer brands can excite fans and help potential sponsors widen their reach. They also foster anticipation, unity, and engagement. Are you looking for practical techniques to promote a sports event? Try these top five best ideas to unlock good results.

  1. Promote events on physical ticket stock

Add the details of a game and print information on the next events on your physical tickets. Consider stating the dates, venues, and discounts for upcoming games. This sports marketing idea can be effective if you have a loyal fanbase; they can post snaps of your physical tickets to various platforms, which can help advertise the program to a broader audience.

  1. Leverage buddy passes

Many people love freebies. With a buddy pass, you can permit ticket holders to bring their friends along for an activity. This initiative can encourage bulk buying, so keep this in mind. Get the most out of this tactic by following up with email campaigns requesting parties to leverage their passes. One thing that makes a buddy pass an effective sports marketing strategy is its word-of-mouth approach; it makes it easier for fans to convince people in their social circles to attend an event for free. It also targets more qualified leads already familiar with your brand.

  1. Look for local sponsorships

Are you looking forward to hosting winter favorites like skating, curling, or other tournaments? Collaborate with local companies to market the sports event. You may want to seek sponsorship from companies that promote recreation. For example, you can secure the Dawson Creek funding if you are organizing a sports event in this area. Partnering with local sponsors can help advertise a sports event, support communities, and fuel sustainable growth.

  1. Work with Under Armor

It’s important to note that Under Armor is a popular company with a track record of greatness in sports campaigns. The company rose from humble beginnings to become a global player transforming sports advertising. Under Armor’ “Rule Yourself” campaign achieved tremendous results in the 2016 Rio Olympics; the Michael Phelps ad, for instance, became the second most shared campaign of the season. Three-quarters of younger viewers will lose interest in a brand if they deem an ad fake. Under Armor’s strategic campaigns are often authentic, so working with them could be a great idea if you want to evoke strong reactions from millennials. Inspiration is a key emotion associated with Under Armor.

  1. Utilize social media channels

Social media can complement your digital marketing campaigns, so utilize it to your advantage. You can target specific demographics on social media platforms according to their interest in sports, location, and behavior. All you need to do is craft a comprehensive message to obtain the desired results. For example, it would be best to create a Facebook event or host a giveaway contest for users to win a ticket for a match, so keep this in mind.

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