The Ten World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams in 2020

During the great lockdown, which started in April, the Global economy plummeted significantly, affecting various industries, including sports. However, despite the seismic effects on the global sports market, some of the biggest clubs in the EPL, La Liga, NFL and Major League Baseball, are still dominating the sporting world.

According to Forbes, the most valuable sports teams in 2020 are somehow getting wealthier even with revenue at a record low, fans stuck at home, and upcoming seasons in doubt. Here are the ten most valuable sports clubs that are worth following while trying out the lucky 15 free calculator, to quickly work out your winnings in 2020.

The Ten World's Most Valuable Sports Teams in 2020

1.   Dallas Cowboys – USD$5.5 Billion

The fifth consecutive year that Dallas Cowboys have taken the first position in Forbes’s most expensive sports clubs list. With NFL commanding the list and the Cowboys remaining the most expensive team in the World, the income continues to flow in.

2.   New York Yankees – USD$5 Billion

The globally recognized brand has offered major star players over the years, helping the team to keep a record profit in recent years. It’s no surprise the Yankees have taken position two in the most expensive sports teams list.

3.   New York Knicks – USD$4.6 Billion

While on the court, the Knicks are in disarray, but the corporation has never looked better off the court. Valued at a whopping $4.6 Billion, the Knicks have managed to generate a sizeable income, regardless of the apparent lack of team chemistry recently.

4.   Los Angeles Lakers – USD$4.4 Billion

The Lakers were already a significant force to be considered in terms of profits, but when LeBron James joined them in 2018, things improved enormously. Currently, with a finishing appearance insight, the James-led Lakers are getting ready for a big year ahead, on and off the court.

5.   Golden State Warriors – USD$4.3 Billion

The World’s hottest player and five years of dominance will help you go a long way in the current sporting world. For Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors, that has led to an estimation of about USD$4.4 billion, earning them the fifth most expensive sports club in the World.

6.   Real Madrid – USD$4.24 Billion

The World’s biggest football club is dominating the pitch again in 2020. Real Madrid earned an estimated USD$4.24 billion thanks to significant success on and off the pitch. In a sports franchise that’s dominated by huge paychecks, Real Madrid may have earned the highest.

7.   New England Patriots – USD$4.1 Billion

 Even in the absence of Tom Brady, the Pats are still worth enormous amounts of money. The New England Patriots have an estimated value of USD$4.1 billion, making them the seventh most expensive sports teams this year.

8.   Barcelona – USD$4.02 Billion

Having a player like Messi on your team comes with its benefits. Not satisfied with being the wealthiest football club in terms of revenue in the World, Barcelona is worth a whooping USD$4.02 billion.

9.   New York Giants – USD$3.9 Billion

It’s been years since the Giants last participated in the NFL playoffs, but that hasn’t stopped them from earning loads of cash. According to Forbes, the Giants are worth around USD$3.9 billion, making them the ninth most expensive sports team this year.

10.                     Manchester United – USD$3.8 Billion

Manchester united is presumably the most recognizable football club in Europe, and the corporation is reaping the rewards. At around $3.8 billion estimated net worth, the Red Devils are the only EPL team to make it to the list of ten most expensive sports clubs in 2020

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