3 Ways to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

3 Ways to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience
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Customer satisfaction is a priority for any business. When your customers aren’t satisfied with your services, they are less likely to return in the future. For 2020 and the future, let us take a very close look at three ways to create the ultimate customer experience.

1. Strong communication

To start things off, strong communication leads to great customer experience. Nobody likes to be left out of the loop and unaware of what is going on. When you maintain good communication with your customers, they’ll trust in you and your services. In this day and age, there are so many forms of communication. BPO in the Philippines, for example, provides a variety of options to allow customers to send their inquiries and concerns. It can be in the form of call or email, or through live chat support.

Send emails on a weekly basis to update your customers on any changes in the business. Make sure to also send personalized emails to your most recent clients. When an urgent response is needed, don’t be afraid to call customers and ask certain questions. They’ll be thankful that you’re checking up on them and eager to get the job done right. Nowadays, social media is everywhere you look online. You can also offer fun giveaways and discounts for customers to look for in posts or emails.

People from all demographics have social media accounts, which are awesome ways of maintaining communication. Users tend to check these accounts on a daily basis as opposed to an email account in the back of their minds. Moreover, people tend to relate to social media on a personal level.

2. White glove delivery

Next in line, white glove delivery is another component of the ultimate customer experience. People these days are busier than ever and value convenience above everything else. On a fundamental level, interior white glove delivery involves delivering objects to the doorstep of the buyer. You eliminate the need for them to go to a store or a pickup location.

However, the white glove implication goes further than this. The delivery must be done with the utmost care and consideration. These drivers are often delivering fragile items such as computer software and jewelry. Any reckless movement could seriously damage the items beyond repair. White glove delivery meets the highest standards possible and leads to incredible customer experience.

Customers can rest assured that their possessions have been treated with respect from start to finish. Not only does this show in the quality of the products, but it’s also a good feeling to have. It’s important to note that there is no official threshold for white glove delivery. There aren’t any regulations that stipulate that this type of delivery must meet certain standards. It’s up to your business for interpretation, and this is a good chance to showcase just how much you care about your customers. White glove delivery is the ultimate customer experience and your customers will see that you truly care about them and how their orders are treated.

3. Custom service

Last but not least, custom service is terrific for customer experience. You can customize anything from lettering on the product to its label. The bottom line is, when customers know that they are receiving special treatment, they are sure to be pleased. A little extra goes a long way.

Have one of your customer representatives reach out and give a token of appreciation. Send the customer a signed engraving that they can attach to the product. Customization is the key to success. When you fall into a routine for years, you can easily make the mistake of falling into the boring customer experience.

If you can demonstrate a genuine interest in the customer and his or her wellbeing, you’ll be much better off in the long run. Finally, customer feedback is something that is always welcomed by both parties. You’ll learn valuable info about what you can improve on, and customers will be able to express themselves what they are looking for specifically. By offering these custom opportunities, you can attract more clients and bolster your current customer experience for existing clients as well. At the moment, when all is said and done, these are some great ways to create the ultimate customer experience. Your customers will love these offerings from your business and speak highly of your services. Take all of the above into consideration!

Maggie Bloom graduated from UVU with a degree in communication and writing. In her spare time she loves to dance, read, and bake. She also enjoys traveling and scouting out new brunch locations.

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  1. Never ignore customer voice. If you fail to meet their expectations they will find other company which will do it better than you. Use customer feedback at all corporate levels and across all departments in your company.

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