3 Tips to Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

If you don’t mind getting down and dirty, then you might consider opening a small cleaning service. Here are 3 tips to get started.

1. Pick a focus. There are two main types of cleaning – residential and commercial. With residential cleaning, you would mainly clean homes and single apartments. These jobs require 1 or 2 people at most and are conducted during the day when the resident is home. With commercial cleaning, you would be responsible for cleaning office buildings and small businesses. Cleaning would mostly occur after hours or when employees were away so that you could a thorough job. At the beginning, you should focus your business on one or the other. Consider the number of employees you want to have, the amount of supplies you want to buy (cleaning supplies for an entire office building can be expensive) and any current connections.

2. Check your background. Being able to prove that you are trustworthy will be important as you gain clients. You and your employees will be around valuables, such as jewelry in a home, or confidential files in a business. Clients will want to know you will leave everything as you find it. If you have a criminal history, then this might not be the business for you. Obtaining a license and bond may also be necessary to operate in your area and will show clients that you are serious about your business.Β  Though you may want to start as a sole proprietor, creating a business entity will add to the trustworthiness of your cleaning business.Β  Those on the West Coast, can form an LLC online in California with SunDoc Filings as well as obtaining the necessary legal advice to get started.

3. Plan the business of your business. Starting a cleaning company is not as simple as picking up a mop and knocking on doors. You will have to create a business plan that takes into consideration the following – pricing (premium vs. low-priced), target market (will you go after a certain niche, like “green” clients), transportation (personal or company vehicle), supplies (company-purchased or whatever is in the client’s home or business), area of operation (is your location saturated, or is there room for another service)?

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  1. It might also be good to add the reminder to do lots of studying and preparation to make sure you are an armed entrepreneur. You can start with free training if you don’t have the funds yet. Here is a great list you might find useful: http://biz30.timedoctor.com/8-free-video-and-audio-trainings-for-entrepreneurs/

    • That’s a great tip Robin. Being an educated entrepreneur can help you avoid pitfalls that uneducated business owners could fall into. Those in your classroom (virtual or in person) could also prove to be good networking partners. Thanks also for the resource.

  2. Cleaning business is on high demand in current era where demands of cleaning services going high and high. If you planning to start your own cleaning business then these tips will be very helpful for you to successive cleaning business.

  3. You explained very well about residential and commercial cleaning in this post which inspires me alot. If anyone read this post i am sure he/she will definately want to start their own cleaning business with full dedication. Thanks to share it!!

  4. Wow!

    These are really good tips for cleaning business.

    I must say that learn everything you can about the cleaning business. Knowledge and information is important in putting up a business.

    Make sure also that you are updated on what is the latest when it comes to the cleaning services provided to homes and to commercial offices.

    Glad you post about this . Its really helpful for every individual.

    Keep doing good work.

    God Bless U!

  5. Another tip for starting any business is the fact you need to have a passion for it, no point starting something your only half bothered with as you are likely to fail.
    Having passion for making it will take you a very long way then adding in your 3 tips is going to make you incredibly successful (in my opinion)

  6. Very amazing article must say. Covered all-important tips and aspects. Very helpful for readers. Looking forward to more articles like these.

    Really done great job.

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