Tips For Hosting Your Own Company Event

If things at your business are going well, then don’t just sit back and celebrate your success by yourself. Instead, look at hosting your own event and invite people currently connected to your company – as well as the ones you want to one day be connected with. Hosting a company event gives you the chance to toast your successes, have fun, and network with one eye on the future. You’re not just in business for the bottom line: have a party, and you’ll be having fun, too.

Get Excited

Hosting an event is difficult, but don’t think of it as work, something you have to do. You’re doing this because you want to do it, so start with an air of excitement and ride it for as long as you can. When you begin planning your event, think about how you can make the event the best it can be. Your company already has its own culture – or should, anyway – and your event will have to fit the theme that flows throughout your business. If you’re a hip, progressive company, then that’s what type of event you’ll be hosting; if you’re more traditional, then something more classy will fit your party.

Who’s on the Guestlist?

You have to think about four different categories of people when it comes to making your guest list. There are the people who helped you on your way to success; your employees; your current clients; and the people you want to have a business relationship with in the future. Of course, how many people you invite will depend on the size of the venue where the party is to be hosted. Remember that not everybody will be able to make it, so set up an RSVP system to keep track.

Bringing the Fun

The event might be primarily to do with business, but it also has to be about fun! You’ll need music, drinks, and other fun features to make sure people actually have a good time. No one likes to go to boring parties! If you have an event space already, then custom made bars positioned around the room will allow you to serve drinks, even if the space doesn’t have a permanent bar installed. It’s also recommended that you hire a DJ who can read the mood of the crowd and play the appropriate music. What type of DJ and music will depend, again, on the type of company you are.

Work the Room

You’re there to have fun, but you’re also the representative of your company, and you need to keep that in mind when you’re there. You need to have “controlled fun”; a good time, but nothing excessive. Make sure you spend time talking with everyone who turns up. If something needs to be taken care of, you – not your employees – should be the one to take care of it.

Follow Up

After the party is over, make sure you send up follow up emails to your attendees, especially any new people you connected with. The true work begins after the event is over!

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