Efficiency in Using GPS Tracking at Schools

The technology of GPS tracking first came to light a little over a decade ago. But since its invention, this technology has been used extensively in several domains and professions, mainly to ensure security and safety. Besides corporate sectors and transportation industry, GPS trackers can also be very useful if it is properly implemented in schools.

Nowadays, the school administration has to deal with a significant number of things starting from the evaluation and education of the students to their safe transportation. Tracking every student’s activity at school sometimes might be extremely difficult for the staff members. Even if they dedicate themselves completely to the job, sooner or later an error is likely to occur.

The principal benefit that the GPS tracking system provides is that it nullifies the risk of the students getting inside or outside the school premises. Below, you will find some points that will accentuate the effectiveness of this technology in schools:

  • Having control over the bus routes: The school administrators often face problems while managing the bus routes. Ensuring safe transportation of children is also a challenging task nowadays. Installation of this technology can provide the following benefits –


  • Getting real time information: A properly installed GPS tracker will continue to provide information about all children boarding the particular school bus. Both the school authority and the parents of the children will be aware of their children’s whereabouts in respect with time as the tracker would send notifications for every unscheduled stop in the route along with the real time information of the traffic. Therefore, it effectively reduces the risk of any unfortunate incident.


  • Controlling the detours: This technology is extremely effective for controlling detours. If the authorised path to reach the school gets blocked due to an accident or a political rally, the GPS tracker will guide the bus driver to take the next best alternative route with minimum traffic so that the students can reach their school on time. Thus, traffic issues will cease to waste qualitative time.


  • Monitoring idle time: There are some bus drivers who take advantage of certain stops to run their own errands. With these trackers, the school authority and the parents would be able to monitor how much time is being spent on certain stops and later can interrogate the concerned driver about the delay in time. Passing idle time on the road not only keeps the children from reaching school on time but increases the expenses of fuel as well.


  • Deterring the driver from taking unauthorised routes: With the help of GPS trackers, the school authority will be able to stop the bus driver from taking unauthorised routes. It will also help to find the bus readily in case the driver loses his way.


  1. Scheduling a better maintenance system: The GPS tracking system will give the school authority a clear idea about the facts like the total mileage and the engine performance of the school buses. This data will help them figure out the condition of each school bus and schedule an effective maintenance programme accordingly. With regular maintenance, the instances of vehicle breakdown will be mitigated significantly and the transportation system will run smoothly.


  1. Improving bus safety: GPS trackers can ameliorate the safety measures concerning the students of a particular school in several ways. They are as follows:


  • Regulating the speed of the bus: A digital tracking system like this will check whether the bus driver is maintaining the speed limit or not. If the appointed bus driver has a propensity to break the traffic rules or to accelerate quickly in areas with limited speed, they can be warned and punitive measures can be taken against them if necessary.


  • Faster response for emergency situations: In case of any unfortunate incident like an accident, the accurate location of the bus provided by the GPS trackers would ensure a quick response from the police and the medical teams and would thereby minimise the risk of further damage to both the vehicle and the school children.


  • Finding the missing bus: Buses can go missing in case the driver possesses any malicious intent or simply forgets the route. Both these cases can be successfully handled by the police and the school authority if the accurate location of the bus is known. GPS trackers provide the leverage of this valuable information and thus ensure safety.


  1. Monitoring and evaluating the students: This Global Positioning System will give the school administrators specific information about every student by tracking them individually. Therefore, during their evaluation, the teachers will be able to pinpoint their mistakes and rectify them accordingly.

Although the implementation of GPS trackers in schools is subject to issues like privacy, this technology is still the best way to ensure safety for the students.

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