Business Benefits Of Shifting From Paper Forms To App-Based Systems

The adaptation of new technologies usually flows from a personal use of them. For mobile applications, this is especially true. They can make personal and business tasks much more easier than they typically were before. Aside from increasing productivity and efficiency, shifting from the use of paper for many business forms to mobile applications can save a lot of money and paper. It is amazing how much the cost of paper for businesses can really add up over the year. For any business that is looking for ways to save a little money or work towards being a more environmentally-friendly company, shifting to app-based forms is a no-brainer. Below are some top benefits of making the change using reputable companies such as

Mobile Time Cards Increase Worker Visibility

For those businesses that have mobile work forces, it can be difficult to see in real-time just what their workers are up to on a daily or even hourly basis. This can end up with a company losing out on hours and hours of productivity. Using a cloud-based mobile application instead of paper can help increase worker visibility and thus increase their productivity.

Improve Quality Control

Another benefit of using mobile applications instead of traditional paper forms is an improvement in mobile inspections. This will result in an improvement in quality control, compliance and safety inspections at work sites. Using paper forms for these tasks can introduce a variety of inefficiencies and vulnerabilities.

Data Collection and Storage Options

By integrating mobile applications into your business core processes, you will place a premium on getting effective and concise data collection which can be easily and quickly stored or shared across the whole organization. Using mobile data collecting capabilities will ensure your employees have the ability to fill out information during their day anytime and anywhere. It will also be saved securely in the Cloud. A business will be able to collect information beyond just simple text. There are many more capabilities such as barcode scanning, image capturing, e-signatures and even GPS.

GPS Capabilities

Like stated earlier, the cloud-based application may be able to be used for GPS purposes. It can help to improve routing efficiency in businesses that rely heavily on transferring of products or while dispatching employees to customer locations or job sites. Using the GPS technology, owners will be able to visualize the routes of their workers on maps. They can use this information to be able to consolidate routes or calculate dates and times. Reviewing routes and deliveries can help to save hours of time and can save hundreds of dollars on gas. Using a light dispatch service will allow organizations to send out delivery information to customers, field workers or remote workers.

Any business that wants to survive and thrive needs to look towards the future. There are many technologies which can be used to improve a company’s efficiency and productivity. The use of app-based systems can save a company hundreds to thousands of dollars by switching.

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