Your Head Is In The Cloud! The Pros And Cons Of A Cloud-Based Operating System

It is a very popular approach taken by businesses now to upgrade their IT infrastructure. Business will upgrade from computer hardware to an operating system that is cloud-based. As Iโ€™m sure you have heard many businesses change over to this cloud operating system, you may feel left behind the times. Or you may even be wondering if it is worth the cost in upgrading to this type of system. As with any system, there are inevitable pros and cons to upgrading. Here are the basics laid out for you.

Pro: Document Recovery Is Vastly Improved

As the cloud is essentially an instant document recovery tool, there is no need for a physical system to store data on it. With the cloud comes Cloud service suppliers and they offer backup and recovery options that are very flexible.

Con: ย Problems With Privacy And Security

When a company uses a cloud infrastructure, it can leave them open to giving away confidential and sensitive information. As a customer, the process of transmitting information through the cloud requires a certain amount of trust. Especially when there are so many stories in the media about personal data being leaked.

Pro: ย The Environment Benefits

Upgrading your hardware to the cloud is very cost efficient. One main benefit is that it reduces your carbon footprint. It takes a lot fewer resources to process information in the cloud. This is because when the servers are not being used, the infrastructure powers down its resources. Which less energy and power, which will save your business lots of money in the long run.

Con: Technical Problems Can Arise

As the cloud is reliant on the Internet, if the Internet is not working there is no cloud. Most businesses are now quite adept at planning downtime to fix any technical issues. But there will be occasions when it cannot be helped. ย With delays in fixing IT problems, these can cause issues regarding business turnover due to the downtime. Many companies like provide IT support for businesses so they can pinpoint the exact issue.

Pro: The Cost Is Reduced Greatly

In addition to the reduction of the hardware costs and the software cost, the integration using a cloud integration platform is very smooth and efficient and can reduce the waiting times. Therefore the business is more cost effective in the long run.

Con: Incompatibility Problems When It Comes To Software

It depends on the type of computer, but there may be issues when it comes to compatibility. For example, some applications may not connect to a personal computer. So this is something that needs to be looked at if you are looking for total connectivity with your business systems.

Pro: There Is More Storage Space

The cloud can store a lot more data van a personal computer. As a result, storage space concerns are reduced to almost nil. So this reduces the need to upgrade the computer hardware regularly which reduces the overall cost of the business as well as the IT maintenance costs.

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