You Need To Start Using These SEO Link Building Strategies Right Now!

Is your website not ranking well in search engines? If so, the solution is to devise new SEO link building strategies for it. Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any website’s success. Without it, you are just wasting your time!

One common way to drive more traffic to any website is to engage in a link building campaign. In other words, getting high-quality sites to link to your content. The more of those links you have, the higher your domain authority.

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In today’s practical guide, I will share with you link building strategies that you need to use today!

Broken Link Building

Here’s an interesting strategy that is gaining popularity in the SEO world. To carry out this work, you need to put your detective hat on!

As you can appreciate, websites don’t live forever. Many fade into obscurity and disappear into the ether. The ones that are still around may link to content on those dead sites. It’s likely that some of those dead sites will have similar content to your live one.

The process of broken link building is simple. You search for those dead links and ask the linking site’s owner to link to you instead. In practice, the task can be time-consuming as you have to collate a list of those links and sites first.

But, a successful result means that you get links from high-quality sites. And the linking site doesn’t get penalised by Google for having dead links. Everyone’s happy!

Repurpose expired domains

Another way of leveraging link juice from authority sites is to buy expired domains. Why on Earth would you want to do that, I hear you ask?

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An expired domain will no doubt have other sites linking to it. You are bound to find such domains in the same niche as your website. Repurposing expired domains are akin to broken link building to an extent. That’s because you are redirecting dead links to live ones on your site.

The only difference is you don’t need to contact the site owners. When you buy a dead domain, you can create some 301 redirects to the relevant pages on your live website.

It can be a complex way of gaining links to your site, so it’s worth hiring an SEO expert to do that for you. Still, the upshot is that you’ll raise your site’s profile on Google!

Write some guest posts

Many Internet marketers create guest posts and have them published on authoritative sites.

For example, let’s say that you sell car parts. You might create a blog post on how to service your car. And you can then approach an automotive blog and ask them to publish it.

Of course, your guest posts will have natural, relevant links to pages on your website. Some people write the posts themselves while others pay a copywriter to do the work for them.

It’s a safe and natural way of building links to your website. All you have to do is make sure you choose the right sites to post them on.

Good luck!

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